Which garage scissor lift?

Which garage scissor lift?



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Friday 11th June
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Split between one of this type:

Or one of these:

Any suggestions?
It's for use on a classic Mini, VX220 and Range Rover.

I guess it's a trade off between a bit more mobility vs being able to get at the middle of the car.
Has anyone got experience of both?


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Thursday 17th June
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I only have experience of a fixed scissor lift as per picture below.
Great for most basic work that I do and good access to the central areas.
Just to add the heaviest end of a car should be over the end of the lift with the cylinders, so VX 220 would probably be lifted in opposite orientation to the other two cars


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Thursday 17th June
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The first one looks alot better and drive on ramps like that allow you to use the lift with axle stands to do some extra jobs like suspension so is much more flexible in what you can do. I wouldn't be fussed at all using the one in the 2nd link.


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Friday 18th June
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I've got one like in the second link. Can't say I've had any issues with it in 3 years. Personally I like the ability to move the arms to the various jacking points with little or no obstruction along the sides. Mine only has one bar obscuring the middle of the underside , I've never found it to obscure anything I've been working on under the cars, although there are some models with cross bars front and rear, they might be more obstructive.

ETA, just checked the second link again, it's the same as I have, no cross bars on front and rear of platform, just the central one like mine. Also, bear in mind this one will lift to 126cm platform height (plus spacers depending on what you can fit under your car jacking points), so it lifts the car higher than he one shown in link 1.

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Friday 18th June
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I've got a midrise lift like the first one. If I could do it again, I'd buy a pair of quick jacks.

The ability to pack them away and clear the garage would be much better.

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Monday 21st June
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I have this one.

A couple of years ago I payed £1000 for it delivered dry, so had to buy 5L of oil.

It works off a 13a plug and using the oil / tank / pump like a sack barrow I can move it about in the garage or outside.

I have a single seater race car to work on this coming week so will use a set of the lift spacers that came with it.

My back thanks me every time I use it.

Paul G