VW Touran Failed MOT

VW Touran Failed MOT



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Friday 9th July
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Hi Guys

2006 Touran, petrol engine. Just failed it’s MOT on the following, any ideas?

Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds default limits ( (b))
Exhaust Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits ( (c))
Exhaust carbon monoxide content at idle exceeds default limits ( (b))
Exhaust emits excessive dense blue smoke during acceleration ( (g))

No signs of excessive engine oil usage or a leak, no head gasket signs, and to be honest no excessive smoke whilst driving? I followed it home! No oil in exhaust either? No engine warning lights, no loss of power?

Any ideas? EGRValve? PCV Valve? Blocked breather pipe?



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Saturday 10th July
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The actual print out with the numbers as tested would help immensely.

If it is burning oil as per the fail then I compression/leakdown test would be a good starting point.