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I’ve got a GOLF Mk5 and around 2 years ago I noticed as I was driving along the car felt jerky, took it to my local garage who had a look & said my breather hose was cracked so instead of replacing it they did a repair & it seemed to be fine up until this year around Feb. When I’m driving, it doesn’t matter what gear or what speed, my car feels jerky almost like the brakes are sticking. I took it to my new garage because I’ve moved & they showed me that the breather hose which I’d had a repair on had come lose so I had it replaced. Unfortunately the car is still acting this way and one of the more noticeable times it’s done it my ABS light flashed on then both lights (traction control & abs) came on, these lights are now intermittent sometimes on sometimes off.
I took it back to the garage & they did a plug in today and said 2 abs faults have come up on the rear sensors but what they described to me was not at all how my car is behaving, I have no problems whilst braking or slowing just whilst driving. Also an engine fault came up for the air control valve, but again what they described didn’t relate really, he said about low revs when idling but I’ve not really noticed this.
So today they cleared the faults and told me to wait and see what happens to come back in a week or so.

Any ideas anyone? Does this sound right? If I have faulty sensors would it cause this problem. I’m meant to be driving from Devon to Norfolk in about 3 weeks and I’m pretty nervous especially if I don’t know what’s wrong.