Japcrazed Renault Magnum 480DXi Owner driver
GEARJAMMER Customized Scania V8 known simply as 'The Wolverine' paint, pipes, chipped, the works, pulling containers, based Southampton
italianjob1275 ERF ECT it's an MAN really you know..
Dave180sx19 Scania 114G 340 Dreaming of a R500 Topline biggrin
Oggs Daf 310 :-(
pacman1 Volvo FH7 biggrin
jagracer Volvo FH10 I think It's an FH10, it has no badges on it
Changedmyname Vw caddy I love
DAVEVO9 Volvo FM 450 ASDA Fleet
Cock Womble 7 DAF XF Mostly - we have a Renualt too.
Getragdogleg Seddon Atkinson Older fleet for us but all kept well
Tommy Saxondale MAN TGX Just arrived, i miss my ERF frown
Panda76 Volvo FH13 Terberg 480&500 BHP
Rumple daf 95 xf 430 oldie '54'reg but drives lovely
weeredmetro MCW Metrorider And any number of other vintage buses
Benbay001 Transit 300 125 Covered in vinyl
Dowahdiddyman Man tgx xlx ARTIC BULK TANKER
General Price Daf XF 106 510 150 Ton Low Loader
Humper MAN TGA HIAB wagon
Martin MRT DAF XF 510 150t 8x4 STGO CAT3
Flawless Victory Daf CF 410--cheap & nasty I want my Topline back!!
4keymonsta Renault Premium 470 Slag powder tanker
Handpaper Daf XF Shiny and new but not enough pedals
Graham Merc 814 Race Car Transporter, Old and slow up hill but fast down the other side with all the comforts of home
ZR1Cliff Renault Premium 460 Work for MJD. Had it from new, mainly pull 6 wheel curtain sider, but also pull containers and fridges for ECS
Waugh-terfall '09 Transit 115 T350 LWB Pallet Freight - Missing the Sprinter
Kingofherts Transit MWB Work Van
107OG ERF EC14 Semi retired on low loader work. Twin split, sleeper, 6x2
School boy Bedford RLHZ (Green Goddess) Big toy
Johnnytheboy VW Caddy TDi 140 Daily driver
Johnnytheboy Transit Jumbo 140 Delivery van with lots of toys
Herbertanchovy Volvo FM 450
XFDreamer Terberg Tugmaster Would pull a house down!
BrettMRC AEC Matador Used to move big engines about
Stiflerx Mercedes w123 Well, best car I've used
Zip929 Volvo FH 500 Does it all so easily and well
TheTurbonator Scania P360 or P370 Wish they were V8s
Carmadgaz Merc Axor 1824 Curtainsider My big company van biggrin
ezi DAF XF 105.460 Dopey gearbox but very comfy
EL11SEG Transit 17 Seater & Connect 5 seat Van Owner Operator
MadMullah Safeway Fleet DAF New fleet from Morrisons
Its_Just_Adz Scania P270 26t car transporter