Outbacker tent stoves

Outbacker tent stoves



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Wednesday 19th May
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Does anyone have any experience of using these types of stove as a stand alone garden / campsite stove


I don’t want to install in a tent (typically these seem to go into Bell tents or yurts) - I just thought the idea of a smoke free garden / campsite log burner could be a good idea. I’m just not sure if the flue will support itself without a tent around it.

Equally interested in folks experience of the stove itself. Are they any good ?



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Thursday 20th May
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One of the reviews mentions that it comes with stays to support the flue in poor weather. If you are using it under a pergola or similar they could be attached to the uprights so out of the way.

Can you get flues for chimineas?


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Tuesday 25th May
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I have a small woodburner (from windy smithy) that I use in a canvas tent for winter camping.

While there would be no issues firing it up in the open air I don't actually think it would achieve very much. Although it can easily heat my tent even in sub zero weather, it really doesn't put out much in the way of radiant heat.

I would stick to a large traditional cast iron chiminea, the firebox is much bigger and you can really get them glowing hot to kick out the heat.

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