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Monday 1st February
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Don't be ridiculous. I'm simply saying that despite my disagreeing with him and others politically, I've still spent £80 or so on his magazines in less than 12 months but will probably choose not to do so in future. Had his political views not become as pervasive throughout the magazine content, I may very well have chosen to renew again despite disagreeing with his political views on social media. As you quite rightly say, opposing views inform the debate so I see no need to stop following anyone on social media because they hold different views. Operating within an echo chamber is no good for reasoned debate, on that it seems we agree.

My point is no more nuanced than simply saying that were it not for the overtly political tone of the magazine in places, I'd probably renew. That's the issue with introducing your politics to something which by and large should in my view remain apolitical. It runs the risks of those who disagree with your political views choosing to take their business elsewhere. As I've already said, I take no interest in the political views of my customers and I don't expect them to have any interest in mine. I don't expect anyone to lose any sleep about my comments nor I am sure will the absence of my 12 quid a quarter cause Messrs Harvey and co to lose any sleep whatsoever. This thread is however about appraising the said magazine and I stand by my opinion that it is too political at times. If that does it for you then no doubt you will continue to subscribe and to enjoy it. All i'm saying is that it isn't for me and i've tried to give the reasons why.

I do agree with your comment about anodyne and sanitized content. I'm not saying I want to read What Car or watch William Woollard on old Top Gear. I do maintain however that quality content can still be achieved without the need for overtly political articles and moralising. Chris Harris has always done a fine job of keeping his personal opinions to himself on matters outside of motoring and that long predates his involvement with the BBC. He is notoriously protective of his personal privacy and he always manages to produce inspiring and quality content without becoming political or overtly personal in regards his views on matters beyond cars. You mentioned EVO magazine as a comparator and I agree about the clubby mentality. I wouldn't agree however that it was in any way political. Harry Metcalfe was/is too shrewd for that.

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Tuesday 2nd February
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I've several times considered buying this mag but now won't – thanks for the warning. I'm right off the whole 'classic car as lifestyle accessory thing' anyway, which means all bar Practical Classics are these days off-limits.


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Tuesday 2nd February
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I let the political stuff wash over me, as quite honestly the car based content is worth it. In the recent climate pretty much everything is politicised in one way or another - but each to their own.

The 917 article (Issue 2?) was probably one of the best articles I've read on that car. I was working at Ford when the 021C was launched and to read the "inside story" was an interesting comparison.


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Monday 8th February
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I am a magazine we and try out many including foreign mag/books like Duck and Whale/ Airmighty aswell as Magneto etc. I bought the first Road Rat but have not went back. I look at the content and it is just too expensive for what it is for me. Many of the monthlys can be bought for good value on subscription. EVO last year for£36 plus free autoglym pack. CAR 2 years for the price of one ,same as Practical Classics etc etc


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Monday 8th March
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Beautiful magazines, book like quality, high definition pictures and interesting quirky stories. I used to read the octane and auto italia before and no doubt the road rat is on face value appears more expensive but if you consider how many pages of commercials the mainstream magazine have then it's not that bad really. For me it has been a good company over the lockdown months.

As others say if you have a discount coupon code please share!


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Tuesday 11th May
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After the underwhelming last issue, I have to say the latest issue is a fine read with some very interesting and well written articles.


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Tuesday 11th May
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I seem to have dropped off the subscription list - their business management might not be up to scratch because I haven’t been contacted at all.


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Friday 21st May
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Free postage to the UK this weekend only for issue seven

I like it.


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Friday 9th July
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I have issue 7. It's a wonderful thing. I was attracted by the Gordon Murray notebook article.

It's obviously much more like a (nice) book than a magazine.

My wife insists on getting me Evo and Octane subscriptions for Christmas even though I barely read Evo and perhaps 2/3 of Octane on a good day. I'm going to persuade her to bin them both off and subscribe me to this instead this year.


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Friday 9th July
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Just had an email from them stating that their current subscription price for 4 issues (£48) is likely to go up soon, might be time for an early Xmas gift wink