Silly speed of light question..

Silly speed of light question..



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Saturday 27th June 2020
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MilnerR said:
Using relativity arguments while logical is not completely valid. Consider the fact that if you stand in a clear space and spin around at a rate of 1 revolution every two seconds with the moon on the horizon; the moon will be rotating around your head at aproximately 4 times the speed of light. The moon is 385000km away so therefore each orbit around your head the moon is traveling at 1.21 million km/s (relative to your head)! This sounds stupid but according to general relativity all co-ordinate systems are equally valid including revolving ones.
Don't know what this proves other than physicists have to be the most anally retentive pedants on earth! smile
That's not true because you require a reference frame viz. the stars. From the point of view of an observer on the Moon their frame of reference would remain constant (stars in same position) as you rotate in space, but from your point of view your reference frame is constantly changing (stars appear to rotate) therefore it's you who is moving and not the Moon.