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Monday 13th January
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TheDeuce said:
Where did the legendary tight fistedness bit come from? I think someone else said that about DR, not me about Lewis - he's been generous several times with both his money and his time.

Anyway, I should have phrased it better. In the context of talking about how F1 drivers don't really need to spend their own money, I was suggesting that whatever Lewis wants to do, the chances are someone will let him do it free of charge. He's more valuable in terms of publicity than the ticket price of most things he can do or buy. That's not to say he doesn't pay, just that he's welcome most places regardless of him paying.
It's what I inferred from your comment, but it seems that wasn't what you meant. I think his generosity,in which he's not alone of course, is quite well known, which was why I was confused. All clear now.


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garyhun said:
I believe that he has purchased a nice collection of Ferrari road cars.
Just googled that, not just Ferrari! £13m garage and counting... Bit spendy, but on the other hand between interest on his bank balance and the value he adds by owning the cars - he's probably paying for them faster than he can buy them..

I was once shown around a super yacht in Monaco and real wealth was explained to me thus: by the time the guy that owns this yacht has filled out the forms and had his new car delivered, the interest he earns alone will have paid for the car.

I'd say Lewis is around the point of not just not needing to spend money (due to fame...), but also not having the time to spend it even if he made an effort. I'm not jealous...

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