Leaving the car parks at Jerez MotoGP

Leaving the car parks at Jerez MotoGP



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Monday 28th January
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Can someone let me know how hard it is to leave the Jerez circuit on MotoGP weekend?

Assume we leave straight after the MotoGP race

We're planning to fly from Seville. The flight is at 8pm.

If you reply, can you let me know approx what year you went?



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Thursday 31st January
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I went last year - and stayed in Seville.

The car/bike parks are absolutely rammed, with all kinds of chaos when arriving or leaving.

We got the train from Seville and there is a free bus service to the circuit, also taxis for about €30.

If you use the train, make sure you buy the tickets as soon as you can. The trains are all reserved seating. No standing.

The free bus service on Sunday was not until about 18.00 on Sunday - we only just made the 19.00 train. Surprisingly absolutely no taxis around.

All that said, I think the car is the way to go. The MotoGP race finishes about 15.00 so even with the car park chaos it's probably quicker than waiting for the bus. We'll get a car next time.

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Saturday 2nd February
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Probably better getting this moved to the Biker forum.

Can't speak for Jerez but the organisation at Valencia for the MotoGP was second to none.

We've been to 5 different circuits for MotoGP and Jerez was by far and away the most well organised for traffic management.

They had police all the way along the road from the circuit to the motorway making sure people weren't dawdling and they had coned a long section of lane 1 off on the motorway so in effect extending the joining slip for an extra mile or so thereby allowing all the GP traffic to get well up to speed and be able to merge unimpeded by other traffic trying to get back into lane 1.

Like I said, I can't tell you if that's a spanish thing or just a Valencia thing.


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Sunday 3rd February
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Hi all

Thanks for replying

We've decided to go for it and we're getting the evening flight from Seville.

We've booked the grandstand right next to the car park (1st corner) - that's the one we wanted anyway

We were encouraged by some posts on Tripadvisor



If I remember, I'll post back in May to say how well we got on


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Wednesday 15th May
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So, as promised, here's what we learned

All cars are forced to park in a car park that's about 15 minutes walk east of Accesso A-3N La Cueva (you'll see a car park just north of the track but that's just for bikes)

Arrive early on the Sunday, and you'll be at the circuit side of the car park, which is best for getting out

If you're in grandstands C2 to T8 (turns 1 and 2), you'll get out the circuit really quickly. We didn't need to queue at all (left straight after MGP)

Turns 9 and 10 are very popular but because you're so far from the car park, I bet it will take hours to leave the track, because so many more people will get to the car park before you do (once it backs up from the motorway to the circuit exit)

We were forced to fly from Malaga because our flight from Seville was cancelled. Even though its longer, its a lovely drive and I think you're much more likely to hit traffic heading to Seville. Heading out east on the A-382 was quiet

Next time, we'll stay east of the track too, rather than Cadiz


The circuit is fantastic. As good as Assen for viewing. Shame the race was a bit spread out