Liberty criticised by venue group

Liberty criticised by venue group


Derek Smith

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Friday 8th February 2019
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A feature article in Motosport News this week on an open letter, or press release rather, criticises Liberty for their funding model. The 'ouch' line being that if the traditional venues are not supported then F1 will be limited to inferior circuits. There are a number of other specific criticisms, one of not being the lack of free to air TV being likely to hit gates, and as ticket sales are the only way for some (more on some later) venues to make money, it makes holding an F1 race unfeasible.

Liberty holds 'experience events' (I think that's the phrase) on the same day as the race but at remote venues, taking spectators away.

Some venues have a different funding arrangement, meaning a lack of risk to those putting the race on.

The group does not include China, Russia, some other countries also with no real F1 history, and, surprisingly to me, Japan. Further, Miami get there race free yet there's another race in the USA that has to pay.

The bit becoming biters?


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Friday 8th February 2019
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This cropped up a few weeks back.

I rather suspect that its a legacy of the Bernie days and probably not that easy to unravel.

It needs to unravel!


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Friday 8th February 2019
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There are five races whose contracts finish at the end of this season, and who haven't yet signed extensions - Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy and Mexico. It's not a surprise they're kicking up a fuss when they see the more favourable deals being offered to newcomers like Miami. Bernie used to be a master of avoiding situations like this, by using divide and conquer tactics, and staggering the end dates of contracts so they couldn't all gang up on him. Plus, of course, a large dose of secrecy and misdirection. LM need to sort this out, otherwise next year's calendar could look pretty weak.

Stan the Bat

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Friday 8th February 2019
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All going down the pan now.