Monaco grand prix - cruising

Monaco grand prix - cruising



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Monday 11th February
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I am on a Cruise in May and we arrive at monaco on the sunday of the monaco grand prix.

The Cruise do not offer Children tickets and myself and my 12 year old son would like to go.

Does anyone know if you can watch from the cruise ships which is docked at Villefranche?

Otherwise, I can buy tickets for Le Rocher but have heard that gets very busy, has anyone had any issues or advice? Is it safe for kids?

Or any other suggestion best viewing places? etc...

Thanks in advance.


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Monday 11th February
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You'll not be able to see the race from the ship ! Villefranche is a beautiful village approx 15 minutes train ride from Monte Carlo ( it is only a short walk from the jetty to the train station).
The public viewing (standing area ) you mention is not a great place to see the race, too many people and the views obscured generally by the trees on the hillside.
If you and your son are keen racing enthusiasts a grandstand seat is a must - not cheap though.

One thing I must mention, but please don't let this put you off travelling though, is beware pick pockets on the train, notorious on this section of the French Riviera.
Hope you decide to go ahead, great atmosphere.


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Ha! Thought this thread was about tactics for the race.........


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It's all pretty expensive.... either grandstand seats or many bars/restaurants/hotels sell their balcony space.

Some guides here:

BUT it will depend on what time you dock. People arrive very early at GPs.
Le Rocher will be busy from early in the day.

Alternative is to watch at a bar at Villefranche?