First 8th vs second 8th in a quarter mile

First 8th vs second 8th in a quarter mile



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So I've heard that every 0.1 seconds saved in the first half of a quarter mile is 0.2 seconds saved by the end of the quarter mile. While this obviously isn't 100% accurate, is this true? Is the actual concept of it true?

Would this explain why cars like an RS3 have such impressive quarter mile times when compared to something like a lotus exige or something like a modified S2k eventhough the S2k and Lotus are clearly the quicker car with much better power to weight ratios? My thinking is that the RS3 will be a few tenths quicker to 60 (lets say 0.3) and therefore have shaved (0.6 in this case) a lot of time of its actual quarter mile time?

Just trying to gauge my understanding when it comes to comparing cars that aren't exactly apples to apples (if that even makes sense lol).