What are Renault getting from F1?

What are Renault getting from F1?



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Saturday 17th August 2019
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entropy said:
Renault want to compete on a budget without spending megabucks, perhaps with the assumption of financial regulations. I thiink they're in a quandary of whether or not they should spend more than they had in mind.

It took a number of years for McLaren to realise they were lacking in different areas and for the ideal (current) results to come into fruition.

McLaren not winning but Renault losing? I'm assuming that you think McLaren have made no gains at all? Renault have arguably stood still whereas in recent years McLaren have had to rely on the imperious racecraft of Alonso to score their points whilst making Stoffel Vandorne appear to be an over-rated has-been F1 Grand Prix Reject. From that to being arguably the best fourth best team is a mighty turnaround whereas Renault have struggled make gains; Ricciardo struggled to adapt to the Renault and Hulkenberg's reply to Dan is that is how the Renault has been since he drove for them.
It was a little harsh of me to suggest McLaren aren't earning their current results - I don't think that. My comments about it being more Renault 'losing' is because I'd say that relative to their aims and closest rivals, Renault have actually slipped back slightly this year.

I agree they're in a quandary. Not just in their own minds but in the minds of the politicians that are backing this project.