Schumacher awake

Schumacher awake



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Tuesday 10th September
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davidd said:
I read somewhere yesterday (not the DM) that he was going to a hospital in Paris that specialised in stem cell treatments. Could all be horse st of course.

There is a thread running here.

poo at Paul's

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Friday 13th September
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RoadKillBunny said:
Based on latest information I have gained from the Internet, Michael is doing very well Apres Ski, and has announced he is coming out retirement. He will be joining the new team in F1 next year, which will be sponsored by Crosse & Blackwell. The cars are already in advanced stages of design. The livery will bear (in conjunction with Cambell's and Andy Warhol's family) a soup based theme. The radical engine design will run on a new ethically sourced vegetable fuel derived from organically grown soya beans from his own farm. He has set up his own farm, producing not only the soya beans, but organically grown walking sticks. Many reports also suggest that he has been visited by extraterrestrials from the planet Wafren and will soon learn the meaning of life.

I think it's all cr*p myself?
I hear he is still in a vegetative state, but still wouldn't sign up to replace Kubica next year! wink