F1 has become farcical hasnt it

F1 has become farcical hasnt it



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Friday 16th August 2019
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rdjohn said:
Eric Mc said:
Have you got evidence for that? All racing car designers do their best to minimise weight wherever possible. Chapman had a reputation, especially from the early 1960s to the early 1970s that his cars were more frail and fragile than the competitors. By the 1980s you heard a lot less complaints about Lotuses being dangerously light. I seriously doubt that a 1990 car, which had no design input from Chapman at all (he'd been dead 8 years) was built using Chapmanesque techniques.

Eric, it is hard not to look at this picture and think that whoever designed the tub, did not pay due regard to potential impact forces. For the tub to fragment in this way suggests that it lacked sufficient carbon fibre, resin, or both. That would only have been done to save weight.

Since compulsory FIA crash testing of the tub, we frequently whiteness drivers walking away from the most horrific looking crashes.
I think you'll find John that you are wrong here, Lotus were fairly new to carbon fibre tubs still, had very little experience and just didn't understand it, the Derek Warwick Beyond the Grid interview will tell you what you need to know, there wasn't a desire to create a light tub, just a lack of understanding of Carbon Fibre.