Where do you look for available drives?

Where do you look for available drives?



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Tuesday 26th November
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I’m aware of Race Cars Direct but is there anywhere else to look for available UK club motorsport drives?


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Tuesday 26th November
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Contact the coordinator of the series you’re interested in racing in.


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Tuesday 26th November
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If you're looking to buy a drive, contact teams and show them a big sack of cash and suddenly cars will become available - but for most club motorsport, potential owners buy a car and then either prepare / maintain it themselves or take it to a team to run on your behalf.

Former option allows you to walk away within the constraints of any agreement you may have, option B is ultimately cheaper as you own an asset which you can sell.

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Wednesday 27th November
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you need to get in contact with the organising club who will know of someone or a team that has cars to hire.

you don't stay what type of car you want to hire but off the top of my head

MX5 blendini
MR2 rogue motorsport
VW golf Saxon Motorsport
Honda Type R - MJ auto styling
Hot hatch MRP race preparations Macaw motorsport

that should get you started


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Friday 29th November
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Many people who offer arrive and drive, from individuals wanting to rent their car out right up to businesses that only do A&D, will not advertise, because they're careful about who they put in their cars. I would first contact the championship coordinator of the championship you're interested in and ask - that's what I did when I did A&D ten years ago and I got an immediate answer. Once you've done a couple of races and kept your nose clean you may get offers from others - I certainly did. I've found A&D quite common in some types of championship, for example Radicals, Caterhams, single seaters; but less common in others such as classics.


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Monday 2nd December
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CTS motorsport hire cars race by Caterhams: http://www.ctsmotorsport.com/


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Tuesday 3rd December
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You can rent or lease Formula Vee's with AHS: