750mc Clio 182 Ktec Championship 2020

750mc Clio 182 Ktec Championship 2020



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Tuesday 3rd December
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This year I competed in a few rounds of the 750motorclub Ktec Clio 182 Championship. This year I plan on competing in all (or most) of the so if there's a track near you stick a note in your diary and pop by and say hello and cheer us on!
The provisional calendar has been released, visiting circuits all over the country.


I'm also promoting the social media outlets as part of an attempt to get some local sponsors, as part of this I would like to get some more subscribers on YouTube and followers on facebook and instagram. Can I ask anyone willing to like, follow, share etc etc the following.
My main effort is to get 20 more subscribers on youtube which will allow me to get a custom URL so i can have something more exciting and memorable than UCD1RLnx3k9GPAjt2WaAHveA as the link name!

Don't worry i'm no wanna be 'influencer', so content should be no more than a few race reports, videos and pictures during the season, so I wont be bombarding your feeds with junk week in week out.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1RLnx3k9GPAjt2W...
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mistralmotorsport/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mistral_motorsport/#

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