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Saturday 27th June
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Anyone know how to watch the film about Max Mosley that was released in March? I've checked all the usual streaming services but can't find it. Was it ever at the cinema?


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Sunday 28th June
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Try Pornhub under Fetish


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I cant help on the film but I have just finished reading his autobiography this week.

It is well worth a read for anyone who is interested.

It went into great details about the behind closed doors dealings that shaped the F1 and FIA we see today. Its amazing to see how it all developed and the relationship between Max and Bernie.

Of course it covered the Senna incident and the more recent News of the World scandal, but his take on Indy 2005 and Spygate were also good to read and provided a balanced view which was probably lost in the media at the time.

I recommend it smile


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mick987 said:
Try Pornhub under Fetish
It's been banned for racist content.