Sunday Services 2020 - Where do you want to go?

Sunday Services 2020 - Where do you want to go?


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It really is a strange feeling how much time has passed now without any PH events. I'm pleased to announce that we do now have two events lined up for 2020, although not strictly Sunday Services.

Brands Hatch track evening, 12th August – We have 40 spaces at the first ever official PistonHeads track evening at Brands Hatch with MSVT. This isn't a meet and only for those going out on track, more details here:

Silverstone Saturday Service, 21st November – We'll be holding a Saturday Service at Silverstone circuit at the MotorsportDays Live event with track time available. Attendance to the event is free, with two track sessions for those wishing to book being £70. Spaces will be limited and we'll set up an event in the calendar for people to sign up closer to the event, but more details on the event and track time are available here:

We're looking forward to seeing you later in the year! biggrin