Bicester scramble Sunday service?

Bicester scramble Sunday service?



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Friday 7th August 2020
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Is there going to be a Sunday service at Bicester on October 4 the revised scramble date?

blue al

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Friday 7th August 2020
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Think I would travel to watch someone open a can of beans at the moment, so I will attend in one way or another....

I believe currently the policy isn’t to raise the skull and pistons until 2021....

Justin S

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Friday 28th August 2020
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Just updated and printed my tickets for 4th October , from the April one I had the tickets for. Lets hope its nice day. They are opening up the airfield more for better distancing amongst other things.

Dr Doofenshmirtz

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Tuesday 22nd September 2020
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Sadly now cancelled for the 4th frown