Back in the Day

Back in the Day



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Tuesday 19th October
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Anybody old enough to remember these prices, trips I mean not the cars.
I went to Monaco for the weekend dead cheap and Le Mans was interesting back then.
Regarding the cars there’s two that I do regret a Dino on sale near Harrogate that I just couldn’t manage and a Jenson Interceptor 4x4 (Ferguson) that I thought was too complicated 4x4 that was for Land Rovers.!
If only we knew then what we know now. [url|[/url]

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Tuesday 16th November
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A few years later went with Page and Moy.

Those were the days


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Wednesday 17th November
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First year was 1981; 7 up in a Range Rover travelling overnight on Friday and back Sunday night so no work days lost. Purchase entry tickets from booths on the roads down, drove straight into Houx, or just green zone, only paid for camping if the guy patrolling caught you and then it was just a ticket to tie on the, sweaty, smelly...and that just the certain tent at the fair!...stinking bogs to boot......those were the days, absolutely loved them