Famous people and the cars you have seen them in?

Famous people and the cars you have seen them in?



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Saturday 19th January 2019
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mhurley said:
From reading these, it seems at some point in every one's life they will see JK or Chris Evans driving a car :-)
I saw JK at a classic car auction end of last year ,Historics at MB World.

No idea if he bid or bought anything ,saw him looking at cars before the auction kicked off.


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Saturday 19th January 2019
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Mika Hakkinen driving in P1 around Monaco... twice tongue out

Aitch H

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Wednesday 23rd January 2019
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The Don of Croy said:
Sometime in the late 1980's I was crossing the A26 near the traffic lights in Crowborough, when I hear a nice sounding coupe leave the filling station about 400 yds down the hill. So I waited as it pootled up to the lights and it was a Dino driven by Roger Daltrey, with passenger (no idea who), but his light was green and away he went..
He owns a trout farm just outside of Crowborough, saw him in the local DIY store looking at Black & Decker Workmates once. Also saw Ross Kemp driving his 996 around there as he apparently lives nearby too.
I’ve seen Princess Anne in her Range Rover, always driving herself, on various occasions when I worked in security at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, and the only other ‘famous’ person I’ve seen driving is that chef with the spikey hair that used to be on telly, was it Gary Rhodes? Driving his Ferrari up and down a mates road in Chelsfield.