Dealers who use self-tappers to fit number plates - why?

Dealers who use self-tappers to fit number plates - why?



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OldSkoolRS said:
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donkmeister said:
Surely the bigger issue is that some idiot has stuck an AMG badge on it?
Aw, My Gawd!
Dear Lord, don't start that debate again; it was on the car when I bought it (I did add a set of AMG floor mats as well that I still had from my last company C Class). I posted on a MB forum and started an owners thread and then got a load of abuse about it, telling me how I could get it off, but in the end decided to leave it on because it causes such ire on there.

While I wouldn't have stuck one on it myself, I'll leave it on just to annoy the AMG snobs. laugh
It was rather tongue in cheek, TBH as long as the driving is OK, I don’t care what badge is on.


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Pica-Pica said:
It was rather tongue in cheek, TBH as long as the driving is OK, I don’t care what badge is on.


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Mr Happy said:
The thing that infurated me about the damage I found when switching over my plates (to slightly shorter, but still 100% legal plates) was that the car actually has provision for this from factory - there are two holes which support speed fasteners for the rear plate, and two divets where the front plate could be drilled onto, spaced as to ensure that any smaller plates would still cover these holes (for different countries etc.)

All it takes is a bit of measuring up, but whoever took the job on at delivery just haphazardly drilled through the plate into the bumper then called it good.

What's even worse is that they did the holes unevenly, so the LHS hole is further away from the edge of the plate than the RHS hole (stupid EU flag number plates)

The rear isn't too bad as it's the bumper insert that's taken the damage and I have a replacement ready to go on, but the front bumper plate area is body coloured and oblique so basically needs the bumper to be filled and resprayed to hide the damage (or I just need to put full width plates back on, which is probably what I'm going to do in all honesty)
Exactly the same as my car - there are pre-drilled (and sealed!) holes that they could have used if they could have been bothered!


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Use the stick on velcro pads on mine, can whip them off whenever I need to clean under them and they've been going strong for 4 years so far!


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Riley Blue said:
I've just used double-sided tape to fit new number plates to one of my cars. They're secure and look neat but why do dealers still use self-tappers? I've seen brand new Mercedes with four screws holding the rear plate on, two near the top and two near the bottom. It looks really cheap and shoddy so why do they do it?
I think that most garages do now use double sided foam type tape but on commercials at least perhaps because they have a harder life double sided tape just was not secure enough.When self tappers are use properly they should have a plastic washer and cap which when properly used become almost invisible.Also used in some circumstances were plastic nuts and bolts where the plate is attached to a panel with access to its back and again if used properly are colour matched to the plate.


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My 911 has screws, straight into the bumper, and that’s a 2021 car!
Wife’s macan is the same, one screw missing it’s cover which is annoying.

I switched plates on the 911, got the dealer to do it out of “good will” to keep their name on them, more random screw holes.


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Bugs me seeing so many new cars with wonky number plates.... fitted with self tappers!


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There’s only two things I go to Halfords for; 1, their berry scented screenwash and 2, their thick number plate pads.

Provided you apply them properly, they will hold on to a plate for decades.

I’ve never liked screw caps as they look messy and invariably cause the plate to start deteriorating around the drill hole after a few years, far better in my view to leave the plate in one piece and simply stick it to the vehicle. Looks far neater too.