Anyone remember their parents reg numbers?

Anyone remember their parents reg numbers?



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Tuesday 22nd November
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WCL 832 - Mums Triumph Herald estate. Known as whistle.


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Tuesday 22nd November
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Lan Drover]ontlookdown said:
In kinda chronological order, the ones I can remember.

Dad's cars:
MOA 75P - Mk2 Cortina 2000E estate. Metallic grey. His first company car.
FWX 688T - Mk2 Granada 2.8GL estate, white.
EUB 986Y - Cavalier CDi hatch, red.
B610 KBL - BMW 320i 4 door, white.
PIJ 2558 - Irish reg Mk1 Golf GTi, metallic green.

He also had a Mk1 Cortina GT on a C plate and a Fiat 125 Special on an H but I can't remember their full numbers.

I just got out of my car a couple of days ago and for some reason the number plate from a car I owned many years ago came to mind. Eager to see if it was still on the road, I typed the reg. into Google and lo and behold there it was. Posted by 'dontlookdown' on 16/1/21, it was one of his Dad's cars.

I was the proud owner of white Ford Granada FWX 688T. Bought it from a guy in Askern, S.Yorkshire in about 1984. Think I kept it for about 2 years before selling it in Kent. I loved that car and would love to know if it still exists somewhere. I may even have some photos if I search hard,

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Well well. I doubt it is still alive but good to hear from a later owner, I will tell my Dad;)

It was a company car so he will have owned it from 79 -81 or 82. Can't recall if they were for 2 or 3 yrs.

Did a lot of miles in it, had quite a hard life pulling a horse trailer in and out of muddy fields at weekends too. Had a new diff I think. Also had a half respray after the paint was heat damaged when the building it was parked near burned down.

Was quite rare as a 2.8 manual, standard fit on all except the GLS as I remember was three speed auto.

I remember it as being a super comfy long distance car with a nice V6 burble. Interior was v brown, and it had a 4 speaker tape deck. That was cutting edge stuff back then.

Good to know you enjoyed the car too. Mk 2 Grannie v underrated, they were among the best cars in their class but lacked a prestige badge.

x type

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Tuesday 22nd November
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My father had a 1950's blue and white Hillman Husky

reg no 232 DOG probably worth a fortune now


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Grandmothers car c1980 - Escort MK1 in orange RAY 25M
Replaced with - Escort mk2 - KRK 760V

Mums first car- Hillman Avenger - KCG 984N

Why i keep this nonsense in my head i dont know


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Mums Mini Clubman in a mustard yellow TPO 974K, followed by a late 70s Escort estate KNK 194V. Cannot remember Dads whatsoever. Cars yes registrations no.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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E839 VWF - My dads company Sierra in 1987
D532 YTN - My dads E28 BMW in about 1991
E88 SNE - My mums Sierra estate in about 1992/3
E346 ANB - My dads Renault 21 in 1990ish

Mine I remember more of:
C597 NVK - My first car (Peugeot 205 in 2000)
B838 EGM - My RD125 in 2000
K816 EHE - My first bike (FS1E) in 1997
J885 UBL - Renault Clio in 2001
M619 BTC - Hyundai Lantra in 2002
M312 JHP - Vauxhall Corsa in 2002
R216 LWV - BMW 328i in 2005


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Wednesday 23rd November
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XHM 310T - dads poo brown Volvo 240 estate with those horrid vinyl seats that would burn you legs in summer

J101 SWO - dads forest green Renault 25 saloon, I thought it was really futuristic but it had a nauseating new car smell that never went away

Can’t remember full reg for the M ref white cavalier frown


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Wednesday 23rd November
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M409 NBA

never tried to remember them, have a weird memory thing with numbers and dates.

last time i went zante? june 16th - june 23rd 2012

uni start date? sep 22nd 2007


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Only one, ABG 10 on an an old Vauxhall in the 50s. I wonder how much that number would fetch nowadays?


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Wednesday 23rd November
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LED 22P - Mk3 Cortina 1.6L estate
CBT 77T - Mk4 Cortina 2.0GL estate in Apollo Green
VDJ 78S - Mk4 Cortina 2.0GL estate in Hawaiian Blue
NLG 480Y - Sierra 2.0 Ghia estate in Sahara Gold

All my dads company cars, used to change them every year, lots more that I'm struggling to remember in full


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Wednesday 23rd November
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I can remember most of dad's car numbers:-

Ford eight - BKG34
Morris Minor - JCY33
Morris 1000 - 463CVX
100e - 355GHT
Mini - 300NTG
another Mini- DDD492C
another Mini - KUH9E

Our neighbour's Morris 1000 sticks in my mind too - 259BWN - was on the road until about 10 years ago.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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A849 NYA. Vauxhall cavalier. My dad used all of his redundancy money from Rolls Royce in 1983 to buy it brand new and I remember the arguments with my mum. She had her eye on a kitchen but he spent it all before she even had chance to order a kitchen catalogue.

D919 LPP Vauxhall Carlton, An early new shape was available as an ex company car at Du Pont so he ditched the Cav and upgraded to a Carlton. Followed by more arguments as my dad got very little selling the cavalier privately and needed even more money to get the Carlton.

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Wednesday 23rd November
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  • Another one I remember HOC 8W, a blue Mustang 2.3 turbo fox body.
This had metric wheels with Michelin TRX tyres..


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Wednesday 23rd November
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XFY 689W - Poverty spec Fiesta that a motorcyclist crashed through the door of.
C185 OFY - 1.6 Mk3 Escort we called Coffee
E80 REE - Ford Granada that some thieving scrote tried to steal by bending out the top of the drivers' door. The door wasn't even locked.
R436 XDB - Fiat Brava
ND52 GCF - Renault Laguna Estate that was crap
EN55 AJO - Fiat Croma that was also crap
KF04KXB - Astra dualfuel which didn't have functioning LPG. It was reliable though.

SS427 Camaro

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Wednesday 23rd November
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Yes.....All of them
FG8484 - My Late Dads 34 20/25 Rolls Sports Saloon. by H.J. Mulliner. Seen here in either summer 71 or 72. I’ve been trying to find it for some years now.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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I only remember a few
DG04HHT, I think

Prior to that a bit blank, post that a bit blank minus the current polestar which my dad won't let me drive, flipside I don't let him drive mine! As much as I dislike some personalised plates, moving it car to car is a saviour.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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JAX 12

My Dad was an early adopter of the personal number plate.

He unfortunately lost the number when he stuffed his car inti the back of a brewert wagon


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Wednesday 23rd November
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My dad was a big fan of bangernomics so had a constant steady turnaround of cheap bangers. One I remember was a Sierra Sapphire, of his workmates got creative with some tape one day to make it very NSFW laugh


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Wednesday 23rd November
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VDV 539 and GPR 963. My father's Ford Prefect and Ford Zephyr six Mk 1. He owned these when I was 10 in 1965. Bizarre, given how little I remember generally, both recently and back then.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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I remember all of mine / families. Ocd.

One memorable was grandads Mk1 Cortina, around 1970. 975 EJB. I was a kid, he picked me up from school, a parent wanted to buy it from him. EJB was on Paddy Hopkirk Mini, maybe worth something back then.