Anyone remember their parents reg numbers?

Anyone remember their parents reg numbers?



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Wednesday 23rd November
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SS427 Camaro said:

Yes.....All of them
FG8484 - My Late Dads 34 20/25 Rolls Sports Saloon. by H.J. Mulliner. Seen here in either summer 71 or 72. I’ve been trying to find it for some years now.
Hope you have some luck finding the RR.
Several other nice ones in your picture as well Inc a Mk2 Cortina Lotuscool


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Eyersey1234 said:
Dad's cars I remember the reg of
B394 EHR a brown Nova
C441 MWE blue Montego (first car I remember properly)
F671 PCX blue Nova
J244 DUB silver Hyundai Pony X2 GSi
A278 MWT white Fiesta
H608 UWU red Fiesta

My grandparents cars
PWF 946 beige Ford Prefect
AWF 155B green Ford Anglia
FOK 909D green Cortina
ADF 166K blue Escort
CAD 613T white Fiesta
A320 FDF red Escort
E617 KFH red Escort
H564 VRH white BX (their first car I remember)
J946 HKH red Citroën ZX
M355 GAT red Fiesta

There was also a C reg red Escort that I have forgotten the reg of and HAD 501L which was one of my grandads fire service staff cars. My grandparents cars were all bought new with the exception of FOK 909D which was an ex demo car.

E410 FDL white Metro
N145 EAT white Fiesta
HW03 AWX blue Multipla
FY09 KNK red Daihatsu Sirion

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Just noticed I transposed the numbers on the E reg Escort, it was E167 KFH not 617


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Almost all of them.

FYA 861T - Volvo 244 DL
XBY 785X - Volvo 245 GL
EFJ 269Y - Volvo 245 GLT
J663 MFJ - Volvo 940
one I can't remember - Volvo 850
P128 FOD - Volvo V70 AWD
N903 HPP - Volvo 940 Turbo
another one I can't remember - Mercedes E320 CDI
YP56 RMY - Volvo XC70 D5

Only one - the 850 got sold on, all of the others ended their days with them! (Well the XC70 got hit by a deer and written off, then the insurance company must have sold it on as it got a new MOT not that long afterwards. Dad was not amused)


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Remember Mum's Cavalier BKN 33T and her Capri MEB 231P, Escort FVG 467Y Can't remember any others compared to some on here.

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Wednesday 23rd November
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From memory…


RDS 75R - blue VX Viva
FGA 491T - red Citroen GS
BDS 230X - white Citroen GSA
A940 RDS - red Talbot Solara
C639 HGE - blue Talbot Solara Minx
F157DGA - white Audi 80
H124 XGD - black Audi 80
K573 XKV - black Peugeot 605
L323 WLY - green Lancia Thema


E972 BAP - white Lancia Y10
G996 ODS - green Fiat Tipo
J xxx - black Fiat Tipo

The black Tipo will come back to me I’m sure.

There was also a green J reg Viva and a bronze M reg one before the R reg, but I was too young to remember the plates.

All bought new except the Y10, 605 and Thema which were pre-reg with delivery miles.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Absolutely, well, the ones I've grown up with, anyway:

  • B543 UAT - Red Nissan Bluebird 2.0
  • H490 AAT - Brown Austin Montego Countryman 2.0
  • K292 TAD - Silver Rover 820 SLi 2.0
  • S609 KEC - Red Vauxhall Omega CD 2.5 V6
  • GV53 NRL - Rover 75 Connoisseur SE Tourer 2.0 V6 (Current!)
  • F353 ERM - Blue Ford Fiesta 1.6D
  • M839 HTN - Red Vauxhall Cavalier Envoy 1.6 MPi
  • W482 LAT - Red Renault Laguna Alize 1.6
  • YX06 VKD - Beige Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6
  • FY65 UJS - Red Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 (Current!)
  • G717 PAO - Beige Rover 214 Si 5 Door Hatch 1.4
  • M148 EDH - Beige Rover 214i 3 Door Hatch 1.4
  • X548 GBH - Blue Vauxhall Agila 1.2
My Cars:
  • P856 GEY - Green Vauxhall Astra 1.4
  • L304 FNB - Black Vauxhall Astra 1.6
  • Y964 DCL - Slate Vauxhall Astra 2.0 Dti
  • YX53 WJC - Red Rover 45 1.8
  • NX02 GKU - Gold Rover 75 Club SE 1.8
  • X987 RJX - Green Rover 75 Classic SE 2.0 v6
  • V792 OAL - Blue Rover 75 Club 2.0 CDT
  • X288 GFJ - Red Rover 75 Connoisseur SE CDT
  • Y144 BPD - Red Rover 75 Connoisseur SE 2.0 V6
  • OV52 HZZ - Silver Volvo V70 2.4
  • BX04 WRK - Silver Rover 75 LWB 2.5 V6
  • KC03 LWS - Silver Volvo XC70 D5
  • OY54 NWW - Goldish Rover 75 Contemporary SE 2.0 CDTi (Current!)
  • WR57 AYT - Blue Renault Laguna Sport Tourer 2.0 DCi
  • FX02 ZYU - Red Volvo S60 2.0t (Current!)


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Wednesday 23rd November
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EEG 45V Vauxhall Chevette 1.3L bright yellow fading to paste over 12 years.

C258 MEW Austin Montego 1.3 saloon. As underpowered as it sounds (60bhp.. At least it was only 1000kg!), head gasket went just after it was moved on at 60k

F204 BOP Rover Montego Estate 2.0 DL in white. Dad did the emissions on this, second direct injection diesel car in sale, very proud of it but do remember the amount of "roalimg coal" it did...
Kept going until it rotted, engine ended up in a boat

J621 TAV Ditto but in blue

N639 SFL Ford Galaxy 2.0 in red. Spent in total 1 of the 4 years we had it in garage. Which was great as I got to drive all the company pool cars which, at 18ish,was much appreciated. Particularly the BMW!

Y522 GBD VW Sharan. They only sent that over the rainbow bridge a few months ago.

Might be more difficult with parents who changed card more frequently!


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Wednesday 23rd November
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VCV236H - a 1970 white Ford Escort
1300cc 1100cwt van. My Dad’s second car after a maroon mini. God knows how but he cut holes in the side panels and put glass in then put a folding rear bench seat in the back. He also changed the engine to a more powerful cross flow and put rally style spots and fogs on the front.

SUO702T - my 1979 ochre yellow Opel Ascona 2.0S. My first car. I eventually killed it on Bodmin Moor.

LPA321W - my second car, a lhd 1973 BMW 2002tii in Verona red. Fabulous in 1986 with 130bhp and brilliant handle but sadly rusted like a tragic 1970’s Alfa.

A546BGM - my first Six series, a 1984 635CSi with such toys after the 2002tii/ electric windows, mirrors and even electric seats! AC and cruise control that actually worked and a healthy 218bhp in 1993 when I bought it. Accident damaged and taken by the insurance company but someone repaired it and it lasted a while before presumably dying through MoT failure.


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Wednesday 23rd November
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I do remember as a 9 year old trying to warn my mum, while she was on the phone insuring her new car, that the Peugeot 204 they’d just bought with reg ZG7205 was actually a 205 with reg ZG7204 (pre-1987 Irish reg format)


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Wednesday 23rd November
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Strangely I remember the reg's of the 2 Landcrabs and a Dolomite from the 70s Dad bought new ,but none of the 5 or 6 VWs , a Jetta ,some Golfs and lastly a Polo that he bought new from 1982 to 2008 .

I don't remember the cars he had in the 60s ,a Hillman Super Minx and a Morris Oxford estate ,far too young for that .


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Thursday 24th November
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I was just talking to this about a mate today, I have no idea why but I can remember most of my mum/dad/grand dad's cars growing up

g181cjb was dad's 730 I think
F500kau was a granada scorpio

Fond memories of both


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Thursday 24th November
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TSR 904 S, bright green 2cv, first new car mum and dad bought.

Edit, just checked and its still on the road, MOT history suggests it's been restored.

Jaguar steve

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Thursday 24th November
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My parents and grandparents have had the same number since the '30s.

If I forget what it is I can go to the garage anytime to remind myself because it's on one of my cars now. biggrin


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Thursday 24th November
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Dad had a lot of company cars over the years but 2 that were his were both Audi's.

FYM 253J - Blue Audi 100 LS
TMG 496S - Blue Audi 100 GLS

Mum's cars that I remember

681 KKT - 2-tone cream and green Hillman Minx
OLX 582L - Green Simca 1000 GLS

My first car was JUC 90K - White Capri 2000 GT


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Thursday 24th November
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I remember my Dad's cars, but that's mainly because he didn't swap them all that often, and that's probably where I get it from.

TMB796D - Morris 1100, bought new in 1966, then traded in for
TMA---J - Morris 1300, again bought new in 1970. That's still in the garage. Not sure why I've missed the centre of the plate out, probably just because it's still here.

My Mum had a few cars, but I don't remember all of them. The first few were sort-of joint ownership / usage for all sorts of reasons.

GLG261G - Morris 1100, bought from a neighbour as a temporary car over one winter, sold to a local farmer for his kids to practice driving in his field.
BED382K - Morris Marina, I think this went for scrap.
A996HBF - Mk1 Fiesta, bought second-hand and I forget where it went, maybe in part-exchange for
B---CWY - Vauxhall Nova. I've missed the centre of the reg out here because I can't remember it. Went in part exchange for
K372JDM - Vauxhall Nova GTE. Should have kept it when she was offered £50 trade-in for a newer Corsa, but I didn't have the space.

After that she had a Corsa which didn't stay long, then maybe something else, then a Peugeot 107 that lasted until she stopped driving.


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Thursday 24th November
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The only one that sticks in my mind was 422 EOX. It was his first vehicle. A 1962(??) white Ford anglia van.


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Thursday 24th November
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Neither of my parents were car nuts, so they were almost always just a means to get from A to B. The Mini was bought as family transport as we moved out of the immediate catchment of our primary school, so my mother had to pass a test ASAP.

MVO754E - Mini Traveller in white with red vinyl seats, bought secondhand at 2 years old and sold on at about 4 years old.

FRA656H - DAF 44 Estate in yellowy orange. Written off when an MGB crashed into the back of it.

TFD463N - Hillman Avenger Sunseeker 1300 - in orange with a white vinyl roof. PEx'ed for the Maxi

BNX44T - Austin Maxi 1750 in Clove Brown. This car only seemed to break down abroad; fuel pump in Italy, suspension in Denmark, water pump in France. It was also the first of the family cars I drove; in 1982, it was used as part of the family house move from Staffordshire to Colchester, Essex

Became a two car family when the Mini was bought; "like the Maxi had pupped".

A706MVX - Austin Mini City E in Clove Brown. Currently SORNed and red with a 1340 engine according to the DVLA. My sisters had used it after my mother and father. When they had finished with it, it was sold to a dealer in Melton Mowbray. About 6 months later it was sold by the same dealer again as the previous owner had got banned.

I left home in 1986, so I rather lost track of what cars my parents had, but my mother had to drive for work, so had a number of cars including a Vauxhall Cavalier Antibes, a later Vauxhall Cavalier 4 door, Citroen ZX Volcane diesel, Toyota Yaris Verso, (The Hatchback of Notre Dame), various Citroen Picassos and a Skoda Karoc. She has just sold it and given up driving.

My father was never a keen driver, so either ran my cast offs, Hillman Imps in various states of tune from stock to manic, my mother's old Mini or bought slightly left field cars like the early System Porsche SEAT Malaga, basic FIAT Panda Fire, a Renault Scenic until he gave up driving. He died just over a year ago.

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Thursday 24th November
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The earliest reg I can remember was my Dad’s Citroen Xsara in green - R433 CFU

He replaced that with an Escort that Had an awful 1.4 engine from a hair dryer - P852 TBE

Along came a Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 to replace that - FT03 LBL

That was replaced with a VW Caravelle T4 which is still remembered fondly by my parents. Did just shy of 100,000 miles before it was replaced- B5 TBS. Came with the private plate. Can’t trace it now sadly as the plates on a 530d.

From here we became a 2 car house and for a very brief period one of them was interesting! biggrin

The first of 2 estates a Vauxhall Astra 1.6. Nice inoffensive car, did everything to a satisfactory standard but the engine was crap. It droned at 3000rpm at 70 and was utterly underpowered up hill - FY64 XOO

Alongside that was an Alfa! A 156 sportwagon 2.2 with the rare roof rails! Cracking car, looked fantastic. The leather smelt fantastic when you opened the door. But it lived up to the old Italian stereotype. The exhaust knocked constantly and everyone was mystified as to what caused it. Then the big end went and needed a new engine. It drank like Oliver Reed on an average Tuesday. YY55 EEO.

Anyhow the Alfa was soon traded on for a rather grotty and unpleasant Volvo V40.

Next up the Astra was replaced by a red Seat Alhambra, which they still have - FY67 WKZ

The nasty Volvo was replaced by another Astra, which they still have. But not for much longer as my Dad’s after a Mini EV. - AP08 CFU.

One of my grandad’s cars that stick in my mind was his bright red Ford Escort TD. I can still here it clattering away in head. - P299 OHK. The number plate was a different font to regular ones too. But I assume legal.



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Thursday 24th November
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My parents never owned a car when I was growing up but most of my relatives had loads of cars on the go, lots of BMC 1100/1300s, Big Farinas, Mk1 Escorts, Cortinas, Triumph 1500s, 200s, Dolly Sprints, one of my aunts had three Mk1 Granadas in a row and another had two Stags in a row, sadly I can't recall any of the reg' numbers. For years I couldn't recall the full reg' number of my Grandad's early Mk1 Granada estate until my cousin showed me a photo of it earlier this year, it was a sky blue one with black cloth trim reg'd VHK 581M which he kept for nine years.

I can remember most of mine, excluding the more modern daily transport...

GYO 578Y - 1977 Mini 1000 in baked bean orange, built in the Belgian BL factory at Senef and imported into the UK in '83.
HNH 38T - 1979 Mini Clubman 1100 in pageant blue.
RWK 133H - 1970 Mk2 Mini 1000 in maroon, still got the original green log book for it.
A136 AWD - 1984 Mini Mayfair in pale metallic green.
MAC 825E - 1967 Mk1 Mini 850 in island blue
AYB 902B - 1964 Mk1 Mini in almond green and white.
UWD 672G - 1969 Mk2 Mini Cooper in el paso beige and white.
X309 ABC - 2000 Rover Mini Cooper Sportpack in red and white.
L672 MEP - 1993 Japanese export Mini 1275 Auto in metallic British racing green and white.
G566 LYD - 1989 Mini 30 in cherry red.
SCV 272G - 1969 Mk2 Mini Cooper in snowberry white and black.
XKG 480G - 1968 Mk2 Mini Cooper in snowberry white and black.
WMU 211G - 1968 Mk2 Mini Cooper S in metallic deep purple.
DPV 180D - 1965 Mk1 Mini Cooper S in island blue and white.
WCW 375M - 1973 Rover P6 2000TC in almond yellow.
GGN 588J - 1971 Rover P6 3500 Auto in cameron green.
DEG 911K - 1972 Rover P6 3500 Auto in Monza red.
PGU 726L - 1973 Rover P5B Coupe in Rover white and burnt grey.
ELC 941J - 1970 Rover P5B Coupe in zircon blue.
PSM 262M - 1973 Series 2 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 manual in regency red.
MAZ 4301 - 1992 Maserati Biturbo 430 Auto in swan white.

My dad didn't pass his test until he was in his late '40s and had a succession of cheap secondhand Astras and Rover 214s / 216s, none of the reg' numbers of which I can recall!

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Thursday 24th November
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Funny how stuff stays in your memory. Can't remember what I watched on the TV last night. biggrin

SYR 142N Black cab
LYE 356X " "
A806 VHX " "
B994 XHX " "
ULH 554M Datsun
VVX 875S " 120A
TUK 276S Fiesta
TJO 854X Toyota Crown
B836 ORK VW Polo
D839 MKX Renault 5 GT Turbo
MME 789W Escort
TMC 545Y Renault 5
H375 GLC Renault 19

Other relatives/friends/work:

F804 NEV Daihatsu Fourtrak
E645 GBJ " "
RUF 118X Chevette
V116 DLC Galaxy
V117 DLC Transit
WF53 BKG "
AJ09 NVB "
N696 BML "

Having just typed all that, a quick search to see if one was still on the road reveals I posted some of these on page 2. Couldn't remember that!