RE: Honda S660 Mugen



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Friday 23rd September 2016
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Love these. I'd rock a non-Mugen version if the price was right.


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Wednesday 8th February 2017
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Was thinking about these the other day, didn't wana start a new thread so posting in here.

Aren't we meant to be getting one? it's been a couple of years now. I remember reading a jalopnik rumour that they're planning on an S2000 late next year and this is basically like a baby verson. it's cheaper then the MX-5 in japan. Having said that, jalopniks source is Car and Driver (oh dear)

browsing some jap site it seems they can start used from 1.7m yen (£12,000) I wonder how much more would have to be added to get it over here and road legal...

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Thursday 9th February 2017
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We need more lightweight cars - this is a pretty cool interpretation.