RE: Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.II): Review

RE: Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.II): Review



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Tuesday 26th January 2016
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"That being said, if you can sacrifice the practicality and the all-weather speed the McLaren 570S remains a more engaging and exciting sports car for the same sort of money"

Well that is progress. When McLaren make a 2+2 then that will be that.

"as an engineering exercise these things are mighty impressive". 50 years of fanatical engineering effort to overcome the inherent faults in the car. people seem to forget how dangerous older 911's were. No wonder they added 4WD with the power upgrade.


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Tuesday 26th January 2016
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The 'inherent faults' thing is beyond cringeeworthy.

What about the inherent faults in all front-engined cars? You need either to put a big transmission tunnel down the centre of the car to drive the rear wheels and tolerate the relatively low traction; or, instead, you drive the front wheels, resulting in lots of understeer and torque steer and bugger all traction at low speeds.

The only layout that is not 'inherently flawed' as regards dynamics is mid-rear-engined RWD. But that creates real cooling problems and is not the most practical of layouts given that it puts the engine where the cabin space would otherwise be!

I cannot think of a much better layout for a 2+2 than rear-engine RWD.