Every month or so we have a thread from a worried poster that they've sold a car privately and the buyer has come back with a garage report of faults that they want the seller to pay for.
I thought it'd be useful to get a list of these threads in one place that we can point a new poster to so they can see they are not the first person to experience this and that it's quite a common scam.

Date Thread title and link
08Oct2018 Private car sale - Letter of court action
09Feb2018 Sold my car, buyer wants to return it ?? Help ?!?
08Jun2017 Sold a car privately - COURT ACTION
11Jun2019 How many good morals should i show after a private sale?
08 Feb 2020 Car privately sold- buyer says car unroadworthy
04Jun2022 Sold my project car...Now the buyer wants money back!
31May2022 Another buyer asking money off after deal and collection