RE: The Β£5k Renaultsport Megane 250 | Spotted

RE: The Β£5k Renaultsport Megane 250 | Spotted



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Thursday 4th July
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KPB1973 said:

The wrong way around.

At 7/10th it's a pretty capable car. Beyond that, the Cup car is in a completely different league.
I'm pretty sure he means a Lux with a Cup pack to get the leather seats and various other options included.

I loved my 250 Cup. Only got rid of it as I was t-boned on a roundabout one day.

For 5k, these are an absolute bargain. Just be aware of the suspension/steering parts that need refreshing after a few years.

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Wednesday 10th July
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Used to pine after these like crazy but they were way out of budget.

Got bored of checking the prices every so often and seeing they'd barely budged.

Reading the title of this article certainly gave me a little smile.....