Have you stopped modifying your car power wise.

Have you stopped modifying your car power wise.



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Wednesday 11th September
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Modified 996 Turbo. It's been off the road 5 years and a long build. 4.0, forged, syvecs, Alpha3076, 997 GT2RS gearbox, should be knocking on 1000hp.

I bought an R35 running 650hp while it was of the road and I barely ever used it at full beans, it was plenty fast enough in map 2. Since sold it for a C63s, which is staying standard.

I'm not even sure why I've bothered with the Porsche, think I'll be running it at around 800 for reliability, which will be more than enough!


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Wednesday 11th September
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There isn't much point modifying my BMW 530 for power.

I've had tuned Saabs and an Octavia vRS running 280 BHP. They were fun, but as said, the novelty of the remap soon wore off and I was looking at uprated turbos etc.

My 530 will get a Supersprint exhaust (with sports cats), AFE dryflo panel filter and that'll be all for the 'power' modifications. Those modifications aren't really for power, just to give a bit more sound to the engine and exhaust.

I'll focus more on suspension, brakes and tyres to enable me to enjoy what power it has.

However, there is a key modification I will do which will improve the performance more than a remap (on my engine at least) would, and will also make the car feel much more responsive and make better use of the 5 gears.....

I'm changing from a 2.93 diff. to a 3.38 version. That means rather than hitting 65 mph in 2nd gear, it'll probably be around 50 mph, as an example of the difference. Now, that may will mean it'll need 3rd gear to hit 60 and therefore perhaps make little difference 0-60 - but it'll make the car 'feel' much more lively and responsive.


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Wednesday 11th September
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Used to chase the power numbers: now at stage 1 but fitted Ohlins, Alcon BBK, refreshed the bushes and had a fast road geo done. Makes it a much more focused car.


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Thursday 12th September
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I gave my previous car, a 9-5 Aero, a stage 1 remap.

My current steed, a Mini Cooper S R56, has already been fettled some by a previous owner and I don't see any need to mess with it anymore. It's rapid.