RE: Alpine A110 Rally breaks cover

RE: Alpine A110 Rally breaks cover



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Saturday 7th September 2019
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simonbamg said:
cluckcluck said:
The 90's called, they want their vauxhall tigra back
PH forum rule 1: we must not hurt Alipine owners feeings what ever you thoughts on the car, touchy lot
All I can ever see is Ivysaur -

Gio G

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Monday 9th September 2019
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I test drove the standard car at Salon Prive the other day. I have to say I was very impressed with it... The way it goes and feels is very smile inducing.. just wish I needed another 2 seater!



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Monday 9th September 2019
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ZX10R NIN said:
ArnageWRC said:
I really wonder if the FiA want these cars in rallying. It could/ should be a fabulous class, with crowd pleasing RWD GT cars taking each other on. Why isn't there a properly promoted series for them? Or make them the 2nd billing behind the WRCars in the WRC. Or a proper Tarmac Rally series.......

Rallying shouldn't be just about the WRC.......

And sadly, it seems as if Porsche have dropped plans for the Cayman R-GT.
I completely agree who doesn't want to here an F Type/Alpine/C63/Cayman tearing around Corsica etc they should have their own tarmac championship that fits into the WRC calendar.
It is a shame. The problem with the WRC is that there aren't many tarmac rounds at all, so integrating these into is a real big ask. Tuthill tried to get the FIA on board with the idea of allowing the cars to run in gravel trim, and even converted their car to gravel spec but, when I spoke to Richard, he said the FIA just weren't interested.

It's a shame. I went to the Ypres Rally earlier this year and the handful of 997s were the biggest crowd pleasers.