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Friday 13th September
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GTRene said:
bqf said:
Who is going to buy this over an Alpine and £30,000 change??

It's too dear. Shame, looks good
treu, but with the Jannarelly you have 3 cars in one, cabrio, targa, coupe, so you can use it for more occasions?
Hardly - Ok so it has a cabrio (although no mention of where the roof panels go if you take them off). It has no luggage space to speak of - and would be very uncomfortable any journey more than a quick blast. And no-one in a dress / skirt will ever consider getting in or out....! And driving it in winter on freshly gritted roads with pretty much open front tyres........

So no - the Alpine is far more usable for far more occasions. I owned a Lotus Elise S for a number of years - loved it - but definitely not a car for all occasions...But I still like it.