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RE: From Roma with love | PH Footnote


Lt. Coulomb

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Sunday 17th November
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CoolHands said:
But anyone is allowed to buy an Aston. With this do you have to have proved your worth first?
You must kiss the ring of Ferrari’s CEO first.


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Sunday 17th November
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The Roma looks rather cheap (which it shouldn't considering the high price) and derivative to me although the interior is better.


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Sunday 17th November
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Anyone can buy a Ferrari ... so long as you can afford it smile


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Sunday 17th November
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smilo996 said:
With JLR looking for a partner and Aston running into stormy water. Joining the two would seem the most logical proposition.
It is a real shame Aston is running into trouble. Palmer has worked wonders and been bold. But it would seem there is a lot to support a tie up. Their ranges do not overlap, JLR has the capacity and engines. Aston can bring hairdryers to the Jag range, the DBX could have been plonked on a Land Rover platform, without needing to build a new factory. Aston brings class to JLR and JLR brings economies of scale and capacity.
I really hope that Aston and JLR see their current problems through rather thsn being consumed by zee Germans. They do their thing well but consumers need diversity and range of innovation and independent thinking rather than badges stemming from BMW or VW.
I have reservations about Aston and Jaguar being in the same group. Last time around it was not a very good deal for Jaguar. The reason we never got a XK8 and XKR with a manual transmission was because Aston threw a hissy fit. They knew it would be a nail in the coffin of the much outdated in comparison DB7.


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Monday 18th November
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Aston’s designs for the DB11 and current Vantage are simply nowhere near as attractive as the models they replaced,
Cars like these are emotional purchases and need to be desired.
AM are by no means the only company to have seemingly forgotten how to make a good looking car, but I would suspect attractive design is rather more important to their sales than those of other marques.


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Monday 18th November
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Lt. Coulomb said:
You must kiss the ring of Ferrari’s CEO first.
Really? Jesus that’s nasty .

NFC 85 Vette

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Monday 18th November
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Niffty951 said:
Let's not get too negative. The DB11 might be the best Aston ever made as an all round prospect and the twin turbo V12 is not only a USP in the market but a ferocious, apocalyptic sounding thing. The first time I heard it at flat chat I thought. Now that's something special.. and fast!
This is the biggest problem facing the Roma; what nobody wants to admit is that Ferrari cannot make a turbocharged engine sound pleasant, and Aston Martin can. The DB11 V12 (which is the car that faces off against the Roma at this price point), is one of the finest sounding engines available today - few seem to have twigged that the AM31 is an Aston engine, not an AMG unit. Speaking of which, the whole AMG deal was to bring the products up to par, make some money, and allow an R&D budget to develop as much in-house as possible i.e. move to a home brewed V6 derived from the Valkyrie / Valhalla. From where they were just 3 years ago, to today, has been a substantial, positive shift for the business - regardless of what the nay sayers proclaim.

As sure as day follows night though, the vultures wanting Aston Martin to collapse, take every single opportunity to twist the knife. The DBX is unveiled in a few days. Reception from those who've seen it, has been very positive. I don't for one second believe PH in general will warmly receive it, because SUV's are generally disliked across the board (but the same folk might call a Benteyga and Urus 'pretty'), but Aston's weathering a very bad storm at the moment and still producing great cars. DBX will do a job, make the company the money needed to keep the more traditional product lines going, and in a couple of years, the cars being produced will tick all the boxes, for purists along with new customers.

If the DBX is 'late to the party', Ferrari's FUV must be arriving the morning after...


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Monday 18th November
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Aston should go back to building hand finished gentlemans GT cars, with wood and leather and quality.

Leave the willy waving power/hypercar/mega hp cars to the Ferrari/Lamborghini/Porsche groups, Aston dont have the money or the talent to compete.
Rolls Royce have proven that there is a market for a hand finished bespoke product, Aston should do the same.


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Monday 18th November
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I just looked up the current Vantage, it is ugly , the proportions are wrong and that interior...


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Monday 18th November
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I really like the DB11 and the new Vantage as well, but I have to say that based on what I've seen so far, I'd have a Roma instead.

The Roma design is great for me, plus it's a Ferrari so will likely be better dynamically than the competition. It will look better in a striking colour, all the pic's I've seen so far show it in very boring colours like white and silver. Looking forward to seeing one in rosso red with a tan or black interior.


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Tuesday 19th November
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eftiem64 said:
Ferrari hasn’t produced a great looking car since the f355.
The 458 and F12 immediately spring to mind but I will agree that the current crop are a bit fussy. Especially the 812, really cannot get along with the design of that


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Tuesday 19th November
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What is all the fuss about? Its a cut price Portofino without the drop top capability

I don't get the comment in the article.....why would someone buying a futuristic mid-engined Vanquish swap to the cheapest Ferrari cruiser with a V8 at the front?

It reminds of bits of the new vantage mixed with the ugly bits of the 612....difference being the new Vantage hangs together optically for me. But it clearly isn't aimed at the sports nature of the Vantage, so it seems aimed at the people who want a GT like the DB11 where for the same c£175k base price you can get the V12 AMR version if you want the extra punch.

Me? I wouldn't blink and would buy the new and much cheaper Vantage which can be both a capable GT and a sports car depending on the buttons you push.


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Wednesday 20th November
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I can only assume that the new boss at Ferrari plans to abandon their maximum allowance of 9000 cars per year sales limit? A limit has been in place for several decades now to maintain exclusivety. But with all the extra models Ferrari now make, surely they have to make over 9000 cars a year.
Is this a sign of selling as many cars as possible before the human love affair with the automobile inevitably has to cease due to our dying planet?