RE: Subaru Impreza WRX | Shed of the Week

RE: Subaru Impreza WRX | Shed of the Week



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I love them .. never owned one but drove plenty at work, very hard

Great cars smile

Augustus Windsock

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Jay Kay 225 said:
Augustus Windsock said:
Blob eye. Not for me.
Estate blob eye. Definitely not for me.
I’ve owned a mint low-miles classic and a mint low miles WR1 both of which I loved and both of which I would choose over a blob eye car.
One of things I loved about the WR1, apart from the extra power, was the DCCD which allowed a bit of fun when it snowed..
Erm, a WR1 is a blob eye
My bad, as my teenage kids tell me is the right way to say ‘I fked up’!
Got it the wrong way round. As usual....!
Guess I walk to loved the ‘classic’ I had (V reg) and the WR1 but this one does nothing for me, the headlights make it like a myopic old aunt.

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To the few comments that mentions understeer.
I had one just like this for a number of years, bought when it was 18 mth old, loved it.

I found, like most cars I guess, it only understeered if you backed off on the approach or mid corner. If you keep the commitment going, it would controllably oversteer like the best of them.

To my mind, a very satisfying setup.


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davesrighthere said:
To the few comments that mentions understeer.
I had one just like this for a number of years, bought when it was 18 mth old, loved it.

I found, like most cars I guess, it only understeered if you backed off on the approach or mid corner. If you keep the commitment going, it would controllably oversteer like the best of them.

To my mind, a very satisfying setup.
If you can drive well you can jump in an Impreza on a track and have great fun sliding them around with wild oversteering in 2nd 3rd and even 4th gear if you know what you are doing (makes you fell like Tiff Needell).
To the person who said they only under steer - clearly a clueless driver with no car control and no feeling for what is going on with the car (maybe get a Prius).

As per last SOTW WRX to anyone tempted with a cheap Impreza turbo just be ready for a headgasket change which will cost not far off the purchase price (there are two heads to change on these),


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Yesterday (10:12)
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The car in the advert is a bug eye, hence the rounded headlights.

Why are some people in this thread saying things like "if I wanted to tick owning a Subaru off my list I'd go for it." No you wouldn't, you'd be extremely disappointed with a bog standard WRX wagon.

You should up your budget to £7-10k and get yourself an STI or if you wanted to keep the budget low (£2.5-4k) a nice classic Turbo 2000 will be faster than this WRX and more raw/fun to drive.

There's a reason why plain WRX's are cheap.


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No mention of the Jap eye..


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Cambs_Stuart said:
Good luck fitting 16" tyres on 17" wheels....

I have a similar mileage 2002 WRX wagon, albeit with PPP and a few other mods, that I am just prepping to sell. Won't be asking anything like as much as this one, so will be interested to see what it goes for. Further proof that they are capable of big miles though.
So have you still got two WRX wagons? I still think of my black blob with affection.
Yes, still got them both:

The Bug is now wearing the Meister R coilovers, brakes and interior from the Blob. Been too busy with babies and life to do much else. The Bug just gets driven to the MoT station each year hehe

I'm moving house soon so it's gonna have to go. Just recommissioning it now. Full interior steam clean, stuck a battery on it and pumped the tyres up yesterday. Started first turn of the key after about 5 months. Needs a new knock sensor. Probably just corrosion but I've ordered a new one and will then fit the one from the Blob, as I know that works. That's why I've kept the Bug for so long; instant spares!

Bought the wife a Cayenne for family duties and haven't worked much in the last 6 months, so the Blob hardly gets driven now either. I'll have a garage in the new house so it will get some more attention then.

With regards to the SoTW, I’d probably not advise a stock one. Or at least, be prepared to fettle it. They aren’t quick as stock and need some breathing mods and a remap or PPP at least. PPP gives STi power and improved mileage. I’ve driven 70k+ miles on my high mileage WRXs and they always return ~28mpg over a full tank of mixed driving. I’ve also never had any headgasket failure or anything else significant fail. The only unforeseen work they’ve needed are the cam cover gaskets replacing (which I did myself), a couple of exhaust gaskets and an O2 sensor. All of which could be considered consumables. I do a lot of preventative maintenance but they are very easy to work on and properly engineered, everything is very straightforward to do. Once you start taking them apart, you can see that the money was spent on the design and mechanical engineering, rather than soft-touch plastics of their contemporaries. Hence why there are so many about with big miles.

As said, a bigger rear ARB can help with understeer but actually a simple wheel alignment with plenty of front camber is sufficient. A slight lowering also helps.

To properly appreciate them, you need to use them as a daily in all weather and all road conditions. The ability to press on all year round and not be phased by anything is their USP. I’ve not driven a car that I’ve been as comfortable taking such liberties on unknown roads. Providing you can scrub off enough speed, you can always get around any corner with any amount of throttle.

You soon take it for granted and don’t really appreciate how good they are until you get in something else and try and drive the same way. That’s why I don’t think they make very good weekend cars or why people slate them when they’ve test driven them. It’s not about how fast you can drive them, it’s about how often you can drive them fast. Which is all the time…


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nickfrog said:
Where is Eric? When the thread has nothing to do with Subaru he is all over it with Subaru comments but when it's about Subaru he is nowhere to be seen. Disapointing.

Not really my cup of tea when they were current and time hasn’t really changed that opinion.


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I owned a couple of STIs, one blob one hawk.They were fun, but a bit on the pricey side when they went wrong. I’m surprised you can get a WRX wagon for shed money, but if you have deep enough pockets, that would be a fun run around.


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How mad do you have to drive to get understeer on the road?


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I had one for 10 years, 40,000 miles to 130,000 miles, a green 2001 Wagon WRX identical to the one in the pic above.100% left unmodified. Only things that ever went wrong was the rear shock absorbers twice, and a turbo at 120,000 miles. Never let us down, most likely the best car I ever owned all-round. Actually gave it away with a slipping clutch in need of a cam belt service. Best 10k I ever spent.