What car does your other half drive?

What car does your other half drive?



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Wednesday 20th May
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A Nissan Juke, but she really doesn't care about cars.

so called

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Wednesday 20th May
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My Socalled Mrs has had the following;

80's Audi 80,
90's Audi Coupe,
90's Audie80,
Ford Galaxy,
Calibra V6,
Mitsubishi Gallant
Peugeot 306 Cabrio,
Land Rover Freelander,
Mercedes ML,
Nissan, Murano,
Mercedes SLK,
Nissan Murano,
Land Rover Evoque,
Land Rover Disco 4,
Land Rover First Edition,
CURRENTLY - Ford Edge Sport

I'm currently making do with a;
TVR Tuscan Convertible,

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Wednesday 20th May
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Mrs Leins has no interest in any car that isn’t a Merc Pagoda, and she has never learnt to drive. Trying to rectify that now though, primarily so I can offload the family Qashqai onto her biggrin


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Wednesday 20th May
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In my 23-24 years of driving I've had:

98 Primera GTI (Company car - was awesome)
longish gap living in London, then bought my parents old car:
99 Golf Mk4 1.6 SE
2003 Alpina B3S Convertible
2008 Ford Galaxy TDCI
2016 Alpina D3

Currently have the B3S and D3 :-)

Mrs Alp in 3 years:
2008 Mini Park Lane
2018 Golf GTI Performance
1998 Nissan Figaro

She has the GTI and Nissan still.

She is a petrol head, but took a long while to get around to doing her test.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Volvo S90 D5

Had a couple of nice cars over the years - 640d, XF (when it wasn’t breaking down), E46 33Cd (vert)


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Wednesday 20th May
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BMW 330i Touring. Because baby + buggy + dog etc.

Prior to that, this 1 litre Polo

And before that Mk1 Ford Ka

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Wednesday 20th May
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In the 80s she had a series of hot hatches, XR2, XR3i, Peugeot GTIs, and an X1/9. These days, in her 50s, she wants more luxury and likes to be "high up" so she has a Merc GLC.

If money were no object she'd go down the Porsche garage and order a Macan and a Boxster

Deranged Rover

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Wednesday 20th May
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Mrs. DR currently has a Jaguar XE 2.0d R-Sport Manual company car which we both like.

Her ideal car would be an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera but she assures me she could cope with a used V8 Vantage.

Dave Hedgehog

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Wednesday 20th May
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SWIMBO's had (all new)

Starlet SR (was huge fun to drive)
Yaris SR
MR2 Roadster silver (60k miles)
MR2 Roadster FL red (130k miles)
Polo GTi (110k miles)

moved over to a sportage GT for carrying the grand kiddies to nursery school etc, she wants a model X performance (good luck lol) but we will defiantly get a VW Buzz when that comes out

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Wednesday 20th May
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Jaguar steve said:
Mrs JS has a rather leggy Vauxhall Tigra with faded red paint, a big crack in the rear bumper from where she backed it into a post and a lavish helping of supermarket dings and country lane hedge rashes down the sides. The wheels are a bit scuffed and bubbly and although its mechanically well maintained and reasonably clean inside it's covered in dust because it's not been washed for months.
Sounds very nice...... does she have a private plate on it ......rofl

Matt Harper

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Wednesday 20th May
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Wednesday 20th May
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One of those bug eyed micras inherited from a late aunt of mine. She doesn't give a st about cars and it serves it's purpose plus its been utterly reliable in the 6 years she's had it.


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Wednesday 20th May
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BMW M140i - nice little daily to be honest.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Mrs Bigmowley drives whatever she wants in the fleet. However for the last 3 years it’s the knackered 2002 Focus 1.6i which I bought just for the number plate! I cannot get her out of it. She has done 30,000 miles in it so far and it’s not been serviced once. I’ve spent about £200 on it so far just to keep it legal.
Considering her last few cars over the last 15 years or so have been:
Honda CRZ
BMW 330Ci
BMW 330 coupe
BMW M5 E39

All bought new.

She loves the Focus!!!!! Bloody odd.

I am dragging her into the Ford dealer at the weekend to see if I can get here into a new Puma. The focus won’t last much longer.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Mk4 Golf, a rather immaculate low mileage one which she's had for 4 years and loves it.

She does sometimes get the keys to my Lotus Cortina and occasionally takes it to work.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Currently drives an E-PACE which she loves.

Before that, lots of Fords (Kuga, EcoSport, Fiesta, Focus, C-Max, B-Max etc.) a Defender and a Discovery Sport.

Doesn’t dare drive the SLK55!


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Wednesday 20th May
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I drive a M4 currently, first car a Mini Cooper S, then a FN2 Type R, 135i Convertible and then the Z4 35is.

He’s got a R32 Skyline GTR, 595 competizione and a 997 all on the drive.

We also have a joint car which is a V8 Supercharged L320 which I just love for tip runs, Costco/Makro runs and camping.

I do think I/he/we should maybe get rid of something as we live right in the centre of Edinburgh but at the same time I love the choice and I love cars as does he. Plus I love to detail them and tinker load with that L320. Our love of cars is what brought us together, don’t think my Dad ever expected me to find the male version of me.


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Wednesday 20th May
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I have the xfr and the wife has an insignia grand sport 1.5T vxline hatchback


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Wednesday 20th May
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Currently a 2010 Corsa in the purpley blue they did, I believe its called Rainbow Blue. Her first car was an A reg Austin Metro, when we met she had a 55 reg Corsa that she wrote off at the Humber Bridge, then a couple of Fiestas, a Suzuki Alto for a few weeks then the Corsa.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Mrs Heaveho has run this since 2011 and will not countenance a replacement. I don't blame her. When I met her ( 1998 ) she owned a V12 TWR Series 3 Jag ( she co-owned a Jag Indy back then ). At the time I was still working for Toyota and was in the last of my 4 Corolla GTIs.

After initially pouring scorn on it, she became a Jap car devotee ( reliability is a wonderful thing ), subsequently owning a Nissan Maxima ( bad start! ), followed up by 2 Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 estates, one after the other, great cars. I talked her into the Lexus, she loves it.

Credit where it's due, although not " car mad " by any stretch, she still remembers my Corrado VR6 fondly, despite it being a hideous financial burden at the time, talks in reverential terms about how quick the IS-F was when she occasionally drove it, and hasn't dismissed the idea of another one being purchased at some point. Bless her!