What's the largest routine service bill you've ever had?

What's the largest routine service bill you've ever had?



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Tuesday 23rd February
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This is my biggest bill - and this is just the 80% that was covered by BWM Insured warranty.

I tried for months to get a copy of the invoice to see what had actually been done (for my records if i needed to sell the car), and the final diagnosis (which I've never officially received), but I did manage to get some quick photocopies when the service advisor left the desk for a few minutes.

Still got the car, and it now has 160,000 miles on it (140,000 on the new engine).

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Tuesday 23rd February
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In 2015 I privately bought a 2003 C32 Amg with full MB history from new. It came with a card that stated, as long as the MB history was maintained, MB would recover it in the event of breakdown.

When it needed a minor service, I called MB to see how much the AMG tax would be, even on an older model.

For an oil and filter change only it was just shy of £800, but as their records indicated it could do with a set of plugs they could do those too, for £1200.

I respectfully declined!


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Jasandjules said:
HustleRussell said:
Jasandjules said:
2.8k on my C Class. That did include tyres but worst of all was £700 for a fecking sensor. A sensor which if the car did not have it would not start....
Crankshaft position?
Nope it was the sensor that measures ad-blue. The car thinks there is none and so it gives you about 200 miles to get it repaired or it won't start.....It appears to be a common problem.
Oh boy, I am behind the times


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Just over £3k on an MOT that I wasn't expecting any issues on, some call me an optimist. biglaugh

E46 M3, dreaded boot floor cracks around the rear subframe mounting points, and corroded brake lines. Had to laugh on the phone when the chap helpfully explained well we're dropping the tank to do the boot floor anyway, so you're not paying twice for that, silver linings I guess.

I had them replace the suspension with Bilstein whilst they were at it, and as I was coming from Europe back to the UK to collect the car, and they called me 2 days before, I was impressed that they put the hours in and did the inspection 2 (at least 24 hour service on the M3 to allow the engine to be stone cold for accurate valve clearance checking) got the floor welded, brake lines replaced and still had time to take pictures and paint various subframes etc for me. That's why you choose a specialist who knows the car I guess.

I did also then need to have the car resprayed due to it surviving a massive hailstorm here (which even wrote off a house in the village!) which was a mix of insurance and my contribution, not sure if this counts. Looking tip-top now though I must say.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Does warranty work count?


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Like they say in the army; if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined. hehe


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Dapster said:
Not mine but this pic accompanied the photos of Bentley Continental GT for sale on the ' Bay. The car was a bit rough and ready given the money thrown at it.... This was the only page show, not sure what the work was.

£4k for a Carrera GT service sounds like you got a bargain?
That bill is utterly horrific

Deranged Rover

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Tuesday 23rd February
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Squirrelofwoe said:
Every few months I find myself looking at these to replace my 2004 Honda Accord estate - fortunately, the regularity of these kind of posts have so far kept me on the straight and narrow - thank you!

In my mind the idea of an L322 Range Rover to trailer our 2 TVRs to & from their winter services sounds wonderful, but I know the reality would be financial meltdown.

I still want one though.
Pah, don’t be a wimp! wink

That RR was my second - the third is outside currently and the last repair bill was only £676 a few weeks ago, so I can definitely conclude that the 4.2 supercharged engine is the one to go for if you want low running costs...


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Tuesday 23rd February
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I looked at a Maserati that was sat on the forecourt of a mate's car lot. A quick glance through the history folder showed that the last service had cost over £9k.

I decided not to buy it.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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My old Griff was a repeat offender. The advertised costs were something like £350 for a minor service and £500 for major, but they invariably found something else that needed fixing.
First 'minor' service in my care came in at £1,100.
Next 'major' was £1,700
Next 'minor' was £2,000

And that was just part of it. Full list here, though PH has rather broken the layout: click.

That for a nearly 20 year old banger.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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L405 Range Rover went in last November for a routine service. Came out with a new battery, new front camera, new front suspension bushes, and a couple of other minor bits. Certainly wasn't expecting this.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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My latest MOT and service came in at £1,200 on my daily car, which is around roughly a 7th of the price I paid for it last year.

That said, the service was £250 plus the MOT at £50ish. I knew it may need a tyre which it did so I replaced those across the axle (one was budget) as I'd had them on the cards for this year so there's £300. So it needed £600 in parts/labour to replace a ball joint, couple of bushes etc. Standard kind of steering related wear and tear.

Knock off the cost of the tyres and really £900 doesn't seem too bad on an S-Class, it's certainly worth more as a car and to drive than it's cost to buy. Compared to some of the bills in here, it's a bargain! haha


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Pistonheader101 said:
Invest in some tools for the job and you’ll be saving £££ left right and centre. L322 aren’t majorly complex to work on
It is nothing to do with that. Space and time are constraints. It took a dealer 7.5 hours with s full workshop.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Porsche Boxster 986 - last 'service' invoice was for $13k. Included a ton of stuff like brakes, IMS bearing and a big service. Bought the car for less than that! Cant really call that a routine service, as it was clearly a lot of work and refresh on a lot of things. But this was an independent garage and at discounted rates.... talk about spending more money than its worth!


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Tuesday 23rd February
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Cobnapint said:
Main stealers didn't get their name for no reason. Routine maintenance is such a piss take, most of the stuff on a major service checklist is just bks. Check function of horn. FFS. Check condition of wipers. Etc.
And at the end of the day, a BMW/Porsche/Audi all have their engine oil removed in exactly the same way a Ford Fiesta does. The brakes are bled the same way, the oil filter changed in the same manner, and the air filters will all be in a black plastic boxes with metal release clips.
Yet for some reason, top end cars cost more to work on. It's ridiculous.
And that's before the daylight robbery of washer bottle fluid and paying for the 'technician' to wash his hands afterwards.
Agreed. This is why I drive sheds. 2 years ago I bought a 33k mile Saab for £1300. About a year ago I treated it to a new air filter. This year I'm thinking of really pushing the boat out, and changing the oil.

Sum total of service costs might be pushing £50 by the time I'm done.

Stick Legs

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Tuesday 23rd February
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- £2560
- BMW 530d 2010 F10
- 55000 mile inspection 2 service. Discs and pads all round, all filters and that's it.

I kicked off as I had only had the car for 6 months and bought it from the same dealer that serviced it. After a but of to-ing and fro-ing we agreed on me paying the parts and them the labour which halved it.

To be honest it kind of ruined the relationship with them ever since.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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£411.52 last year on my 306 GTI-6. This included a timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, filters, fluids, discs and pads all round, a track rod end, and an MOT.

It's the only service the car's had in the four years I've owned it.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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2013 Volvo S60 D4

- £1060.00
A standard service plus all the remedial work two weeks later which repaired the parts they (main dealer) had screwed up during the service. You read that right, I had to pay to repair their incompetence. Yes, I understand how silly that sounds.


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Tuesday 23rd February
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2016 mk7 golf gti performance pack

It’s last service in November 2019

Major service, gearbox service, front performance diff service


4 Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres £480

Windscreen wipers £50

Brake pads and discs £300


Which I resented on a golf!

4,800 on a carrera gt sounds a bargain tbh


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Wednesday 24th February
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eliot said:
Usually less than £200 because i can unscrew an oil filter, change air/cabin filters and spray some grease on the door hinges myself.
Same with me but I have spent thousands on tools over the years
If it is old and nobody else would be seen dead driving it I can work on it