What did you drive in the "Noughties"?

What did you drive in the "Noughties"?


Mr Tidy

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Friday 26th February
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Capri 2.8i, MK2 Granada 2.0L, Scorpio 2.8i, Mercedes W123 280E, Cavalier 1.8L, Rover 214SLi (my only company car), MK2 Granada 2.0L, Sierra Sapphire 2.0GLSi, Cavalier SRi, Golf GTI Mk2 16V, MG Maestro, MK1 Gold GTI.


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Friday 26th February
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As per the other thread, passed in '97 and still had the R5 GTT for the first few years in the '00's whilst i spent far too much £££ modifying it, then fixing it, until it was sold in '04.

Other cars that followed.

Pug 106 GTI, for about 6 months, whilst the R5 GTT was being rebuilt (again), but px'd at a local Pug dealer.
Pug 306 1.8S Cabriolet until '06.
Caterham R300 Superlight, for about a year between '04 & '05.
Mk2 Clio V6 from '05 to '07.
Mk1 Focus RS bought in early '06 (which i still own).
S2 Escort RS Turbo - project / rebuild car between '06 & '08.
Lotus Exige S220 between '07 & '09.
205 GTI bought in late '08 (which i still own).
Mk2 Saxo VTS - track car build from late '09 and broken / sold in parts in '12.


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Friday 26th February
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Started with an XR3i, sold and bought a Astra GLS Diesel thing, Mk3.

That was to by my first house and pay for my wedding car.

Then without doubt ( apart from the Astra ) the biggest piece of st I’ve ever owned.....

A 2 year old Nissan 200SX S14a.

That was replaced by a Mitsubishi Galant ( hated it and was quickly moved on ).

Than a Mk2 Mondeo Ghia X ( three years old and constant electrical problems) moved on.

BMW E36 328i coupe, 170k miles and a gem of a car, owned five years.

Replaced with an E46 330CI that I went on to own for ten years.

But that’s another decade.

The Mad Monk

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Friday 26th February
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Mercedes E Class


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Friday 26th February
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Vauxhall Calibra SE4
Vauxhall Vectra GSI
Peugeot 306 GTI6 x2
Various cheap knockabout diesel workhorses alongside/inbetween, fave being a 306 1.9TD estate

200Plus Club

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Friday 26th February
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Rover coupe turbo then-
Celica GT4 ST205 WRC- spent a lot on it and eventually got it over 350bhp. Possibly one of the best cars I've ever had.
Gardner Douglas T70 Lola with 500bhp in 900kg.

Quiet spell for me as I had 6yrs with the ST205 which was highly unusual!


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Friday 26th February
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Passed in 91

Astra Estate
Renault 5 gtx loved that car
Calibra 16v
Renault 21 turbo
BMW 750i in bright red with white leather and motorsport alloys tooling around at 23/24. Musta looked a tool as well.

Mitsubishi 4life twin cab pick up AKA the Venga bus
Divorce meant I drove a knackered 205 diseasel for the rest of the 90s

Chicken dinner

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Friday 26th February
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Started with the Ford Explorer I bought in the 90s.
964 C4S
Audi A6 estate
Grand Cherokee 4.0
Cherokee 3.7
Nissan 350z
Supercharged S197 Mustang
Nissan Pathfinder 4.0 V6
E220 Estate.

Most of the time I owned 2 cars so lots of overlap, as per 90s.


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Friday 26th February
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Rs1600i 2000-2003
Fiesta Zetec-S (sympathetically modded/tuned for the road, stock looks) 2003-2007
2007-2009 Mondeo STTdci Estate
2009- Octavia Mk2 VRs 2.0tfsi

All pretty great cars in their own way. The Skoda have sterling service well into the 2010’s


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Friday 26th February
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I ran one of these until 2004 when the 1st kid was due

My OH asked me to get something "more sensible and German". AMG it is then.

2nd kid arrives. AMG estate.


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Friday 26th February
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Citroen 2cv
Fiat punto gt turbo
Fiat seicento sporting
Renault kangoo
Toyota rav4
Eunos roadster
Dodge nitro
Jeep cherokee 4.0 3 door
Merc c class estate
Morgan 4 seater
Jeep cherokee 3.7
Subaru forester

Halo in reverse

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Friday 26th February
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BMW E30 318i - carp engine
BMW E30 320i - lovely silky smooth 6
MR2 AW11 Tbar - fantastic little car & one of my all time fav cars
MR2 SW20 Tbar - good but not as good as the AW11

Enter Baby 1

Accord Mk5 Coupe - loved this car a lot at the time for some reason (write off ended that love affair)
Golf GTi mk 3 - siht box
Corolla 1.3 - ultra reliable & ultra boring
Volvo V40 - roomy but dull
Pug 106 XSi - feisty little thing, made of chocolate
Accord Mk6 1.8 - less roomy still dull
Audi A2 1.4 TDi - super little car, cheap to run, quality interior, good space given its miniature size - loved the Pano roof.

Enter Baby 2

Rav4 2.0 D - very reliable but just dull really
Peugeot 307SW - made of chocolate
Mini Cooper Cab - fun car to make up for the dull as dishwater DD

All you PHers with no kids - take a look at this list to see what kids do to your motoring cred

>>>>> New Decade


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Friday 26th February
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Passed my test in February 2000.

W124 230E (2000-2002)
SEAT Leon 110 TDi (2002-2005)
SEAT Leon Cupra TDi (2005-
E92 M3 (2009-

All in all, not a bad decade really.


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Friday 26th February
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Entered the 00's with a Merc 320CLK & Lotus Elan SE

p/xed the Merc for a 911GT3 in '05
Bought a new RRS in '05

Thats it for the 00's & still have them in the 20’s

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Castrol for a knave

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Friday 26th February
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Megane Coupe 1.6 pov spec
Ford Cougar 2.5 V6, with chest wig and medallion
Alfa Romeo 1967 Boattail spider- my daily for about 3 years - put 15k a year into that without missing a beat (still got it)
Rover 75 - briefly
A4 Quattro - in that lovely TdF blue, even if it was just the 1.9tdi
MGF - got rid as it was pish
Audi A5 3.0 - cracking car - put 120k into that over 3 years.
XF 3l Portfolio - likewise, quick and lovely inside.
2010 saw me waiting at the side of the road after my newish Disco 3 ate it's main bearing.....


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Friday 26th February
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M reg Fiesta Equipe in 2006
56 reg Fiesta 1.25 Style 2006-2018
54 reg Fiat Panda 2008-9


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Friday 26th February
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I was pretty poor in the Noughties, three small kids and one salary. We always had a decent family car a Volvo 850 T5 when the third one arrived late nineties which stayed into the noughties. We eventually decided with carting the kids friends round it was time for a people carrier and bought a Sharan new in 2002, that lasted until 2007 when we bought a nearly new Galaxy Ghia. We had a Mercedes ML 320 off her dad for a bit but too thirsty and my wife is not one for ostentatious vehicles, she would have been right at home in East Germany in the cold war era such is her puritanical attitude to cars.

As for me.

Cant remember the exact order but,

Metro 1.0 Clubman - From a salvage yard, served me well, set fire to it welding a small hole in the passenger floorpan, put it out with orange squash.
Peugeot 309 "Look" - Thats a standout, cheap and very cheerful, delightful to drive
Metro GTI - A very poor one ! Activitely tried to kill the hateful stbox, nice enough when new but horrible when old and a bit rusty with worn radius arms.
Mondeo 1.8 LX - bought cheap - Should have kept it, smelt of fags though, sold for a proft and bought....
Fiat Coupe Turbo - bought in haste, repented at leisure, engine was buggered. sold at a loss equal to the Mondeo profit.
Rover BRM - Loved it, steam happened.
Saab 9-3 LPT - Great car, didnt handle, great engine, very comfy

3 * MK2 Golf GTI's - including the one I won (Black 3 door), my dad gave it me after 14 years, plus a ropey looking red 5 door which was a decent drive but scruffy and a white one badly lowered with an engine that appeared to have zero compression and a constant smoky haze. I ended up buying them between any other car.


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Friday 26th February
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The noughties are a bit of a blur for me, drugs were good and cars and bikes were cheap! As far as I can remember....
AR 125
TZR 125
ZXR 250
Citroen 2cv (cost me 50 quid!)
Nissan Bluebird
1l mk 2 Fiesta
3 XR2s
1.6 Orion
1.6 Cavalier
Cavalier SRI
2 205 gtis, one of each
Mk1 Golf gti
3 mk2 golf gtis, 2 8vs and 1 16
Mk3 Golf gti
BMW e30 325i
Passat estate
2 door Escort estate
1.6 Escort
Landrover 101 - not actually mone but the owner was living abroad and let me hang on to it while he was away.


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Friday 26th February
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I nearly drove the whole decade in BMW Compacts, starting with an E36 316i that I bought in Jan 2000, and ended with a 325ti that I finally traded in for a 335d in 2009


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Friday 26th February
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For me:

1. 1987 Fiesta 1.1L. Owned since passing my test in 1997, with me until 2001, then survived another two years with my stepbrother.
2. 1995 Corsa 1.4 16v SRi. Died 2003 in Biscathorpe ford on a road rally where #1 conrod went through the cylinder block. Got an engine out of a scrap Tigra & managed to PX it (without the dealer noticing!).
3. 2002 Fiesta 1.6 Freestyle. Honestly, best car I ever owned. Surprisingly quick & economical. Only cost me 1x wheel that I managed to bend when I slid into the kerbside one winter.
4. 2006 Mazda MX-5 2.0 Option Pack. Got new because I fancied an MX-5. Never got on with it, not as fun as expected.
5. 2001 BMW 320ci. Inherited from my late mother. Great car, ate up the miles. Creamy six cylinder engine, but still did 30mpg most of the time.