RE: AC Cobra 4-electric lineup expanded

RE: AC Cobra 4-electric lineup expanded



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Friday 11th June
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aeropilot said:
Cob1 said:
Wait till you google the guy behind this EV cobra... Alan Lubinsky... Makes the chicken farmers antics look tame.
I'd rather not Google him tbh.....the thought of an EV Cobra makes my flesh crawl.

The Cobra should just be left to die with a bit of dignity at the end of the ICE era IMHO.

And I was 'privileged' enough to have briefly met the 'chicken farmer' 30 years ago at SAAC 16.... smile
25 years of owning the AC brand, took it to Malta, then to Germany, bought Zenos and is now hot desking at Hoxtonmix a virtual office in Shoreditch for £25/month.
This ain't no Ford vs Ferrari Netflix special is it