Show off your GT, past and present...

Show off your GT, past and present...



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Tuesday 13th April
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Yellow491 said:
What cones and truckssmile
Shame its a nissan, i bet the biker at the end had a moment when it squeezed in between the bike and cones.
Must come over sometime,nearly made it for the 3 hillclimb challenge.
They put the cones down to stop the nutters , especially up at the Bungalow.Yes, I only posted the Nissan because it was a nice clear vid and to give some idea of a bit of fun you can have on the 9 mile stretch, sadly hasn't happened the last couple of years .You Got to watch the bikes with the white plates which are the Germans who get a bit mixed up at times with the left hand driving and racing line.
You must come as anyone who loves driving will find it epic over the 2 week one way system, its also well policed and they will let you have your fun without being silly to drive at your own pace.I always used to go out at around 5 in the morning when its quiet to get a few runs in.
I looked into doing the hillclimb myself, But it wasn't as simple as I thought, due to getting a special license and insurance and what have you to enter.Still watch them though and they dont need to be going hard to appreciate some of the motors.
Its a fab 2 weeks and anyone looking to come over needs to book a year in advance for the ferry and accommodation .We will look after you, and happy to take your money, but most importantly hopefully put you back on the ferry the same way as you arrived.


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Tuesday 13th April
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AlvinSultana said:

If you want to drive the car there is no point buying one that you dare not drive.

I have a 997.2 GT3, bought 3 years ago with 20k miles, now showing 30k miles.

Most of those miles have been on Euro trips; Barcelona, Le Mans, etc.

I dont enjoy trackdays in it too much because I dare not drive it anywhere near its capabilities. Neither do I enjoy the hoards of faster cheaper disposable cars being thrashed around the average trackday.

For me these older cars are now in their element as a GT car rather than a track car. They are too slow if stock, and you will not compete with the guys with a £10k car on track tyres and suspension who arrive with the car on a trailor and may or may not get the car home in one piece.

So if you pay top dollar for a low miles car that you dare not drive for fear of the miles ticking over, neither will you be able to modify it for the track for fear of losing its originality and labelling it as a track slag.

As others have said, get the best car you can based on the care of previous owners rather than mileage, and my personal preference is blasting around Europe rather than trying to corner like a Clio on slicks.
This. 100%.

I stopped enjoying going round in circles with no real purpose (not racing or timing) a few years ago with the prevalence of track days being used as race-car test sessions, and chest-beating proving grounds. In a £70k+ road car I'd much rather head to the Alps.. or Yorkshire.
I must say, I’m with you guys these days.

Part of it is having mechanical sympathy for my now 11 year old RS which is on ceramics, but fundamentally I think I do prefer a good road trip over a track day. Apart from the obvious upsides of the scenery and the variety of corners, I really just love the discipline of getting past slower moving vehicles quickly but respectfully, and the car just eggs you on in the best way biggrin