996 GT3 - is now the time to buy?

996 GT3 - is now the time to buy?



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Thursday 16th May
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Ha. God loves a trier.

I see the black one (WO53) from earlier in this thread is now on auction on eBay. Current bid £48k.
I think current seller bought it at auction for £50-odd as discussed earlier so he’ll want that back at least. He did pitch at £60-odd initially.

Depends what you want but wrong seats, no cage, standard suspension etc would mean a big initial spend if that lot bothers you.


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Friday 31st May
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What do we reckon to this one then, time to buy or have a bit of a laugh ??



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Friday 31st May
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Good luck with that!

I believe it was the friend of the owner of that car who bought my 996 Carrera. If so, then that car was last sold in last spring / summer.


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Friday 31st May
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The words cloud, cuckoo and land spring to mind.
Beyond words really.


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Saturday 1st June
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Pretty sure this is ChrisW's former car - I'm sure he would be happy to share more information to interested parties. I believe Chris purchased the car from SCoM around 5 years ago