993 danske sports exhaust

993 danske sports exhaust



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Friday 9th April
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Considering the above silencers from design 911. Heard them on another 993 once and they sounded just perfect but what I don't know is how much they interfere in terms of noise in the cabin?? Anyone have these fitted and can comment?


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Saturday 10th April
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Had one fitted to my 993...seemed to transform the car.

The engine felt like it ‘breathed’ better somehow, the overall tone was deeper and louder, howled beautifully up the rev range, no drone on the motorway.

I think my system cost about £ 1k all in, fitted by JZM.

Would definitely recommend getting one thumbup

Gratuitous photos obviously...


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Saturday 10th April
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Do Dansk not do two versions for the 993 like all the other 911s?

I had the Dansk on my 996, it was the 'sound' version, which I think is the 'sports' version on the 993.

It was loud, very loud, but worse than that it also droned too much for me.

Not even sure if they make a quieter one for the 993 these days. I would try and find someone with one to have a listen and see what you think before buying.


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Friday 16th April
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I had the Stainless Steel back boxes on my 993 some years ago after the originals started to split.

Great product would definitely recommend. I think about £1100 fitted at the time. (7-8 years ago)


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Saturday 17th April
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Had the dansk boxes on my first 993, highly recommend - way nicer sound than stock. personally has no droning issue.


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Thursday 10th June
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Just spotted this thread!

I had Dansk Sports Exhausts fitted last week and I agree with what is written above: it has transformed the car! It was less than half the cost of fitting Porsche replacements. It is indeed significantly noisier than the former system. At 70-ish on the motorway, it doesn't really seem much different; the difference is very obvious at higher revs. However, if I wanted a quiet car, I would probably buy a Tesla!

Slightly off topic now: when the car was up on the ramp, the comment was made that my back tyres were near the wear limit and the front ones were several years old. Continental no longer make the sizes needed for the back of my 993, so I went for Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres all round. These have noticeably improved the handling.


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Sunday 20th June
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Send the silencers off to Gert and get them RSRd … bloody brilliant ‘upgrade’. smile


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Monday 21st June
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Originally I had Gert modified boxes and then later fitted a Dansk decat. Sound was awesome, and not a problem at cruising speeds. Eventually one of the modified ones split through age and I added the DesignTek ones from Design911 – sounded just as nice. They are noticeably smaller and lighter than the original part (which I'd expect the Dansk ones are too)

I took the decat out to get an MOT last October and it sounded boring by comparison. Strangled.

All personal stuff. Just saying the decat mad the biggest smile for me; louder, more aggressive, pops and bangs.


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Monday 21st June
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I had the Carnewal RSRs on my 993. Could be very loud outside - perhaps a bit too 'obvious' for my tastes now - but no droning at a cruise and pretty civilised inside the cabin.


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Tuesday 20th July
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Turns out I have Dansk silencers and tips on my 993 after a quick dig through the history file. No idea which ones if there is a choice, but they sound amazing, although there is significant drone at motorway cruising speed. That's not what I bought it for though... driving


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Wednesday 4th August
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I have a 94 993 Carrera 2 which I replaced the OEM back boxes for the Danske units around 5 years ago. Easy to fit. From memory at the time there were 3 options, a quiet, medium and loud option. I went for the medium option. Generally it is an improvement, definitely 'breaths' better and sounds mega at higher revs. It's not asbo loud (I still get on with the neighbours) but my wife says she can here me coming from a few miles away...it is however is a little droney on the motorway so I'm not sure I'd go that way again. The fabspeed is supposed to be pretty good. Not cheap though...