Porsche 993 - which comprise cab or tiptronic ....

Porsche 993 - which comprise cab or tiptronic ....



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Sunday 25th July
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Have you driven one? I didn't get on all that well with mine (albeit a targa). It always felt a bit ponderous and not all that sporty to me.


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Thursday 2nd September
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Agree with the consensus - manual coupe, high mileage if necessary to fit your budget. I have been maintaining, modding and generally improving mine since I bought it a few years ago and with a decent set of tools there is little you can't do yourself. I also bought it for less than your budget range - there are deals out there, although my 'compromise' was LHD, this worked in my favour due to the extra pedal box space, but as a daily RHD is probably a must for you.

As above, with a good set up (in terms of suspension, geo, tyres etc) and with all mechanical parts/sensors/electrics/vacuum etc working as they should it is an easy and rewarding car to drive day to day, but realistically a little more effort than newer models in terms of more weighty steering and clutch (unless you fit an MPL slave cylinder) and likely a slightly notchy gearchange. It has never felt slow to me and can keep up with anything doing broadly sensible speeds on both a-roads and motorways.

I went from a 987 to a 993, don't regret it in the slightest.


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Thursday 9th September
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@ OP - did you take the plunge? I'd agree with the high mile C2 manual purchase. But then with a 198k C2 manual I'm slightly biased...