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Sunday 31st May
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Does anyone know the number of RHD Diablos built, especially the VT..?

Would be interested to get any build info on colours, etc. So many manufacturers do it, but Lambo seem more guarded with their info..!


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Sunday 31st May
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Probably the best source of that information is here ;


In some cases there is information on specific cars if you have a chassis number.

I'm sure others more knowledgeable than me may have other links but the above is a good start.


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Sunday 31st May
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Of which usually c.10% RHD.


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Sunday 31st May
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And here is another database with somewhat different numbers.


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Monday 1st June
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Given the early 90s recession the numbers were quite limited. I bought my standard 2wd model from Carlo at Top Gear Specialist Cars and he was involved/friendly with with the distributor at that time.

In 1993 apparently 4 Lamborghinis were registered in the UK (amazing to compare that with what has happened post Gallardo/Urus) and he thought that around 27 standard 2wd were sold here through the official importer

Clearly he was trying to pitch the car to me but this seems a reasonable stick in the ground given what I have seen elsewhere

Obviously on top of this you will need to add Aus/NZ (which wasn't suffering the same kind of recession as the UK during the 90s), Singapore, and to a lesser extent Japan (they typically like premium cars with left hand drive). There may also have been some sales in markets such as India, South Africa or Thailand in RHD

I am afraid I don't have any benchmarks on the later models but from seeing what comes around on sale it would appear that standard 5.7 VTs are some of the rarest RHD cars. This would make sense given that they were available alongside the cheaper SV for much of their life


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Monday 12th October
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SE30 - 151 made, 24 RHD
SV - 346 made, 42 RHD


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Thursday 15th October
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Fantastic video by Carfection featuring Henry Catchpole released today of my SV. Its brilliant!


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Thursday 15th October
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Great video