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Saturday 9th February
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On a side note does anyone else have a weird cracking popping type noise coming from the roof when they driving over a sudden elevation change. I tend to get it when going from a decline to incline in road or turning into a junction which has a slight elevation change. Its like there is some flex and it causes something above to make a crack pop type noise.

I did have a 'cracking/knocking' type noise that I could hear around the cabin, I though it was a panel creaking or something similar, happened when I went over a bump or dip and more so when I went over the bump on one side of the car. Turned out to be the bolts on the cross brace over the engine, 3 or those had loosened and so was creating a 'creaking' now and again and the noise would sound worse that what the problem would suggest. I had the bolts re-tightened and bee fine since