Is a MK1 SL worth the extra over an LP560?

Is a MK1 SL worth the extra over an LP560?



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Saturday 12th September 2020
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Saw an SL1 today, loved it!! confusedsmashconfused


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Sunday 13th September 2020
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Capcom said:
Saw an SL1 today, loved it!! confusedsmashconfused

Scott Laurie

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Monday 21st September 2020
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Hi, nice problem to have.,

I bought a MK1 SL last year, paid certinaly £100k for it privately and expect values are simliar today.
Had original planned on a LP560, and test drove one, look at three ,
They are slightly more user friendly but lack the special feel of the SL, the carbon interior, carbon rear hatch etc, etc, all are part of the experience.

Must say I love mine, have really enjoyed it,
The down sides are the Carbon brakes take getting used to when cold but are fine once warm
E gear again isnt fabulous in traffic, but no worse than 360F1 or 430F1. on the road once you are moving then its good.

I had a scuderia also and would rate the SL a better car overall,

I have a few cars and tend to have ones that have little depreciation hence the SL, 40 RHD made, rare car, will always be in demand so should holds it value resonably well compared to something like a £100k R8 etc.

I have no present plans to sell mine but a new GT4 coming in spring may affect the financial decision.