Ferrari 458 new owner initial thoughts and ownership thread

Ferrari 458 new owner initial thoughts and ownership thread



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Saturday 27th June
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So 24 hours in and a couple of drives I thought I would share some of the experience and some feedback on the car:

Collected yesterday from JCT in Leeds freshly serviced/MOT'd and ready to enjoy!

I had driven a different 458 previously so knew roughly what to expect but the first drive home was an experience I guess you only truly get once. As a bit of background this is the first supercar I've owned although I have extensive experience with Sportscars running a business in this field. Yes I'm afraid I'm a Lotus bore. Sorry. One of the things that having a Lotus does is basically ruin or try to ruin any car that you have afterwards as they are just do bloody good to drive.

This was the predecessor an Evora 410 Sport I had owned for 2 years buying new in 2018

These are truly superb cars. At 65k for a lightly used example they are amazing value for money and a much more capable/tactile and interesting alternative to a GT4 which is probably it's nearest rival. Other than some reasonably extensive QC issues when it was new I had 2 trouble free years in the Evora. It has the best power steering of any car I have ever driven and with it's super loud exhaust and aggressive cup 2 equipped setup it was a very focused car for a daily driver which is what I used it for. It was a manual (I do prefer autos for a daily but the Evora Auto isn't great and they delete the LSD from the spec of the single clutch auto too)

So anyway 458....Not a car I ever even dreamed I would own it sort of came out of nowhere really having been looking at 991.2 GT3s for quite a long time and also a brief flirt with swapping the Lotus for a 570s the fact that a Ferrari with hydraulic steering and a superb DCT gearbox was available for the same money I simply had to have one.

Initial thoughts are just dominated really by the engine and gearbox its just such a combination. It's a quick car not savagely fast like a 570 but not too far behind and no turbo lag makes up for it. As does the noise which is something I'm afraid a McLaren owner would only be able to play back through their stereo system (if it worked on the day wink ) The noise and aggression of the shifts is something you could just never tire of it's a proper proper thing this car!

Yesterday I had the chance to take it down a little back route to work and in Race mode its just incredible. One thing that surprised me is just how playful it is with the ECU allowing a flattering amount of oversteer. I've yet to try the CT setting but it feels pretty controllable and the super quick steering makes light work of dialing in opposite lock.

Steering I had limited expectations coming from the Evora I had to accept some dynamic compromise with this change and the steering is one area that does lack a bit of sparkle. It's loads better than the over servo'd 570 steering but still a way off what I've been spoilt with in the Evora.

One thing I do need to look at is the brakes. These are not good! I have read a few things about 458 brakes ranging from the brakes needing bedding in properly (I will be doing this procedure ASAP) to issues with servos but they are a bit inconsistent and really don't pull a 570BHP rocket up like you would think they would do with the size of the bloody things! It is capable of triggering the ABS so I suspect bedding the pads in again might bring some bite back. I had a similar thing when I installed new pads on a PCCB equipped Porsche.

One thing I really knew would be a negative for me is the attention I can see it getting a bit wearing after a while but I guess if you buy a bright red Ferrari everyone's going to have an opinion to voice about it. Early interactions have been positive with a few thumbs up etc they are a rare sight around here and green eyed negative reactions are something that's a clear and present danger something to be very mindful of. Already had a crazy Audi driver up my backside seemingly trying to impress his mate at keeping up with me in a line of traffic in a 40 zone! Hey ho!

So overall I'm happy its a completely ridiculous car to own and for me a real once in a lifetime thing that I'm going to savor every moment of. A Ferrari in the garage I mean it's just ludicrous right?


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Sunday 28th June
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Thanks for the post, its good read
I will be collecting mine from GP in B-Ham Tuesday will be interesting to compare it to my F430 i ran for 5 years


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Good luck I've never driven a 430 but wouldn't mind a go for a comparison


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Being told by members here if you fit Brembo pads from 430 Scud which are an OEM fit are supposedly a big improvement over the OEM Textars that Ferrari fit.


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fridaypassion said:
(I do prefer autos for a daily but the Evora Auto isn't great and they delete the LSD from the spec of the single clutch auto too)
The auto Evoras don't have a single clutch auto but a traditional torque convertor.

Oh, and congratulations on the upgrade! wink