Ferrari FF windscreen wipers

Ferrari FF windscreen wipers



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Friday 19th November
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OEM fit are DENSO Hybrid blades. Had to dig as Ferrari don't publish the sizes for websites that allow to narrow your search by make and model.

DENSO Hybrid Windscreen Wiper Blade - DUR-043R (actually 425mm or 17 inch)

DENSO Hybrid Windscreen Wiper Blade - DU-070R (28 inch)

Code breakdown is here :

I think DENSOs are also used on other Ferraris.



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Monday 22nd November
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Yup, I worked this out too when Ferrari asked for something stupid like £200 for a set. The Denso are correct. I got them from OpieOils for about £35 or so.


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Tuesday 23rd November
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I checked my last service inspection report - HR Owen wanted £234 incl vat to supply and fit wipers on my FF which of course I declined.

Have just been on to the Opie website and bought them for £37 incl VAT & delivery

Many thanks for posting the info above!