The Aventador replacement



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Wednesday 21st September
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Had a call from Lambo dealer where I bought my Urus seems like all Urus models and Huracans are now fully sold out and all allocations gone for the forseeable.

Got onto the subject of the Aventador replacement and deposits can be left for them, has anyone placed one as yet?
I am tempted for an early slot, given I could then easily run it for 6/12months and come out of it with break even / profit.

Limited info, although it can't be that far away from breaking cover.


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Wednesday 21st September
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Deposit paid.

Tried the STO, but despite the engine, gearbox, steering & noise it wasn’t for me. Two reasons 1. Couldn’t get in with a helmet, so couldn’t use it on track 2. If you can’t use a car like this on track you need have bigger balls than me to drive it on the road and not feel too self conscious.

Also drove 296GTB shortly afterwards and it blew me away, despite not liking the interior. Awesome car.


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Hi - I put a deposit down over a year ago and am probably not the only one who did it then so not sure an early one is still on the table. Would be interested if anyone had heard anything about the powertrain as there have been conflicting rumours.