Living with a McLaren 650s Spider as an (almost) daily

Living with a McLaren 650s Spider as an (almost) daily



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That's fantastic service. Well done mclaren.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the car more.. I did suspect it would outshine the 360 eventually!


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Ironically, this free paint job is going to cost me a fortune. Since the car will be back to looking brand new, I'm currently getting quotes for full PPF!


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Great to see not only that your car is now proving reliable, but you like it so much you decided not only not to sell it - but are selling your cherished 360 instead.

And awesome customer service from McLaren. Not many car companies would have covered that paint issue IMO.


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Really pleased that your perseverance with the car is paying off. Some would have thrown in the towel but it's good for prospective owners to know that these niggly issues can be sorted out with a bit of persistence and patience.