Living with a McLaren 650s Spider as an (almost) daily

Living with a McLaren 650s Spider as an (almost) daily



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Sunday 14th March
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This is definitely the most useful and realistic thread ever on McLaren ownership. Thanks. Wish you would revisit from time to time and update.

I'm 6 months into my 650s ownership now and the thread really resonates. I have experienced a few error messages and oddities that seem like the end of the world when they crop up. None of them werent cleared by a restart (yet). None of them detract from the visceral epic experience. Maybe other cars can match, but probably very few provide the same true supercar value at this now secondhand, 5 year old price point. Buying new is a different discussion. I'd get a 675LT over an Artura every time.

Well written. Come back soon.